Kapadokya III – Red Tour

(Found this in my drafts today!)

Today, we started the day later and just woke up in time for breakfast. And today there were more people at breakfast but we got even more bread!

Lovin’ the simple breakfast spread! And us noting and rationalising about how many bread did we have today to last us for the next few hours.
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Then we are off to start the day with our favourite tour guide, efe! So cute, he changes his shirt according to the colour of the tour.
It sure looks like gelato aye?


Wanted to take a picture with the camel but suddenly felt shy about it.
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I present to you the Uchisar castle, which is situated at the highest point of Kapadokya! It has many many rooms and it has many tunnels connecting rooms and places and was used as a shelter in times of war. As we were tired and running short of time, we didn’t run up the castle. I guess that’s a regret not getting a bird’s eye view of the city…
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Next, we proceeded to the open air museum where there are 3 churches or sth. Loved the story about this particular painting. I managed to sneak a quick picture of this painting. Apparently this lady was too pretty and didn’t like being harassed for her body, so she prayed to god that she wanted to be a man. So that’s why she has a beard with her voluptuous body.


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Was kinda getting tired of the stories even though this place is so amazing! Perhaps is the lack of sleep and the lack of background knowledge for christianity and having to overcome the accent! 


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So, we were pretty glad for lunch time


Seriously, bread in this country is amazing and I really like dipping the bread in the various sauces as pictured. It’s so so good.

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These are the people I was in tour with! Upon learning that this is the last time we will be seeing each other, they suggested a group picture via the selfie stick. 


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Hehehe anyway, great shout out to our guide efe for being so patient and upbeat for our tour the entire time. He wore a pink shirt because he is doing the red tour today!
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Well, this is the much talked about turkish apple tea with cubes of sugar. Something about the tulip shaped cups that makes it so special. Serving tea is part of turkish hospitality and it is the most drank hot beverage in Turkey! 

They have a special way of brewing it, using the çaydanlık – two kettles stacked on another. The larger one at the bottom is used to fill the smaller one on top that is with the tea leaves and also used to dilute the tea for individual preferences.



Then we were brought to a shop that sells all the different turkish designed crockery.

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Thought this was quite interesting. The hole is for your arm to carry the tea! So they can easily go round doing refills!
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Some resemblance right there?

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One last stop at the chocolate valleys! I’m not sure what they are really called but it resembles Hershey’s kisses! Think this whole area is called valley of imagination!2016-09-02-15-04-31

And that’s the camel I see in postcards!2016-09-02-15-17-442016-09-02-15-18-252016-09-02-15-19-412016-09-02-15-36-37

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Well, getting teased for turkish ice cream, as every day here in turkey. You want a big one?

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Passed by Efe’s mother’s shop on the way to the post office and they decided to give me a little kapadokya for souvenir.


One last shot with our cute little cave hostel2016-09-02-18-31-16-2

Hahah the people we met on the tour was going back with us and he decided to draw me as a dude. Gtg

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