Updates: Next trip

12th July 2016
Hi there, it’s been a while! Kinda gave up on this space for a while because of little deep wound I got from plum picking. So for updates, I flew back to Singapore early to get it treated and it’s healing well now. My doctor gave me some antibiotic powder and it works wonders. And so the patient took a break. 5 days of backlog there. It ended with me taking a Shinkansen to Tokyo to meet my friend (and his friends) and a flight back from Haneda.

And now, i’m doing a transit in Hongkong and I will be meeting Xuemin,my cousin, in Shanghai as she has been there for a year doing work and study programme. And we will be travelling to Chengdu together! I am so excited to see her because it has been a year and we are awesome travel buddies. Probably runs in the blood.

We did New Zealand, Europe, Bangkok and South Korea together and we only started this lame tourist pose in Europe so it is not that complete. This is inspired by Xuemin’s parents – their idea of a good honeymoon pose. Hahaha and so we decided to take it.

Wheeee so excited! Not sure why many have their reserves about China but I love china so much. I did a work and study programme in Beijiing for a half a year back in my University days and I loved it!! There was almost a long weekend each month and so me and my exchange mates managed to check out China quite abit – Snow festival in Harbin, spring in Hangzhou/Suzhou, hiking Huangshan and the most awesome being the one week of Yunnan. And I always wanted to check out Sichuan and Xinjiang so I am glad this bit is coming true!!! We had this plan even before my cousin did her interview to get on this programme. *cries tears of joy*

CHINA IS AWESOME and I hope my upcoming two weeks of china (mainly chengdu) can convince you so. Meeting my other cousins in Honkong afterwards. This is going to be awesome.

In other news, there is a typhoon (Chan-Hom) situation going on in China and it is the strongest typhoon for Shanghai. So many flights have been cancelled in Shanghai as it breezed past pudong airport on Saturday. And it has been difficult for me for the past 48 hours, trying to reschedule my flight and getting on a flight ever since. I made a total of 4 round trips, 3 wasted, to the airport for this. Basically, they rescheduled me on China Eastern, which got delayed. And then China Eastern didn’t check me in at the very last minute due to lkng queues at the check in and them claiming that Cathay wasn’t supposed to book anybody on their flight. And so, Cathay too me back on a midnight flight. Total waste of time, I wouldn’t have mind being rescheduled to a later flight. They just kept me dangling, how rude.

On the bright side, i’m so glad for the ultra-smooth flight on Cathay that I was just on. Best take-off and landing ever! 🙂

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