Day 59 稲原

Today was an emotional farewell to Keiko and Ben-san who are gonna continue their road trip to the western Japan.   

She is always making funny faces. I love how she is forever so cheerful and her joy is so vicarious!! Love it. Really gonna miss having her around. She is also very selfless as she always goes an extra mile to help people and expect nothing in return.   

 Leftovers from yesterday’s dessert. I’m so motivated to cook and bake when I get back to Singapore. I guess it is really nice to know exactly what goes into your food. 



Then it was Carol’s and Anthony’s turn to pack up and leave but they are leaving after lunch so there was lots of time to pack and feel… the moment.   

But I had to go to the kitchen to do preparation for lunch. Thank goodness there was some coffee left at the dinning room because I am starting to get dependent of coffee. Cookie bits and coffee makes an amazing combination btw.  

Yup, because its the nasu turn to harvest as it is a very summer food. We probably will have it every meal and I am just happy to know that I now know how to prepare nasus!!!     

Oh yea so the old people in the house have been eating this porridge thing – made from white rice and hojicha called Okayu. And it is a Wakayama thing to eat it this way.     

Making the sauce for Ingen Paripaka    

Not sure why I was so emotional today, maybe because it has been so long since I hung out with a group of people for so long, or maybe we really experienced a lot of ups and downs together and always try to communicate despite our language barrier. Times are hard but we know we are in this together. Gna miss these two especially because we have been together for the longest. It has been twenty days together and its really funny how my trip just keep extending because of the wound.




Yay today I managed to do these strips of egg by myself. Achievement unlocked. 


Sorry to insert these gruesome photos but it is a matter of timeline and      

Sigh And yknow you are overstaying when the food starts to repeat. I now know that this is called hiyashichuka, which means cold chinese noodles.     

These churro-ish doughnuts for dessert.   

So i guess it is just the five of us left.   


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