Day 58 稲原

That morning, I was greeted by huge spiders that were conveniently dismissed by the locals there as normal. Oh gawd, spiders the size of your head are definitely not normal. Look how intense they look unclose. And mind you, they are everywhere. One thing I learnt is that, they kinda mind their own business. So, besides scaring the shit out of me, they are so fine.


And the cooking begins!! I think these are takenoko and it taste damn good boiled in their dash for long hours.

Hehe she was very happy about the new harvest of onions!  

Not sure if I’ve talked about these previously. But this bright pink thing is umeboshi and I’m really missing these because we have the really good ones on the table – fresh and organic. And it tastes so good mixed in with rice and all. Actually, it is really an acquired taste and I made myself like it gradually. Because, why not?

Today, we have bernard and keiko in the kitchen because bernard the pastry chef is going to make us some pastry before leaving!!

I really wanted to help them out because it’s exciting but I have my kitchen duties to fufill! Here are the super minced egg for the japanese tar tar sauce. Omg I chopped like crazy can.

And then we mix it with onions and parsley!

I was just secretly spying on them all the time. They are baking cookies crumbs for the toppings later. I’m gonna skip commenting on the next few pictures because they are quite literal.            


And then I made a quick visit to the doctors!  


And when I came back it was all set!!!

Okay this masterpiece of his is called floating island which is also called île flottante. In french cuisine, it also means eggs in snow! And it is basically meringue with vanilla custard! I’m so happy that there was so much leftover of these vanilla custard and cookie crumbs because it was breakfast for the next few days! And we just ate it like that in a cup.         

It was their last night washing the dishes and all… So, we had a farewell party over karaoke too!    

And it was keiko fetching stephy’s friend from the station on her last night so we got to make a run to the combini 🙂    

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