Day 57 稲原

Today was great because I finally took out my stitches. LIKE FINALLY OMG. I have been stucked here for so long and writing 稲原 next to Day xx has been so exciting. Anyways, i started work in the kitchen at 7am today. Getting jaded from time to tie that my hours in the kitchen seems never-ending. I guess it is time to decide for myself when to stop and take a break. And look what greeted me at the front door. Srsly, My life here is like, animal crossing/harvest moon.   

And yay, this nasus are just so delicious. I love it. It’s a summer thing and everybody is so happy with the harvest.  

And then i was told to seep the floor and clean the whole shoe rack and all the tables. Sometimes I feel like Cinderella hahaha I guess it is good training. And then i did some super fast chopping so as to help as much as I can because Hiromi had to go to the dentist today so Yuriko was quite shorthanded.  

So, we waited for almost an hour at the clinic and okaasan actually fell asleep. So nice of them to bring me to the clinic everyday! So then we found out that my worries on saturday was not unfounded. The nurses and doctors were not happy that I didn’t go on Saturday – THE DAY I WAS SUPPOSED TO REMOVE MY STITCHES. Zzzz I was feeling so stressed out yesterday and the day before but I kept telling myself it is okay. And, yes thank goodness everything is okay.   

Okay, this dude cut his finger and the doctor was doing stitches for him. There was bloog and everything, the whole thing looked gruesome.   

Goodbye stitches!!!!!!!  


Hehe then after that Okaasan had to buy bread for the family because we ran out and everybody have ben eating more and more bread – 17 people, huge family yada yada. 


Thank you Okaasan!! She always enter the medical room with me and try to make everything better 🙂 


Back to the kitchen!!! By the time I got back, Yuriko was gonna cook eggs and I was like, what would it be today! And she was like, medamayaki. I was so excited because it sounds exotic and I thought I was gonna learn something new. And i did. I learnt that medamayaki is Japanese for sunny-side up. And it means fried eyeball. HAHAHA how cute  

And I guess mass frying sunny side ups are kinda novel to me. She added water but cracking the eggs.   

Omg those eggplants are the best.   

Lol i always sit directly opposite otosan every meal and I guess I will really miss this scene when I leave.   

And this is nikuniku – black garlic. Made by ottosan who heated it over a few weeks. This is a type of caramelised garlic that is supposed to be rich in antioxidants and is perceived as a health supplements. Okay, maybe i will try eating it again tomorrow. It tasted kinda pungent and i thought of eating it with my rice tomorrow.   

After a nice break, it was time to prepare dinner, chukadonburi -chinese type of donburi. Today, all the style of cutting is slightly different. How interesting.   

And chinese style cucumber. I really like how we have been eating cucumbers everyday. My favourite is still to eat it raw and with mayonaise and miso. But this is with soya sauce, vinegar, strips of ginger and some sesame oil goma abura.  

Ta da everything that I chooped. Includimg the finely chopped mijingitta garlic and ginger.  

Adding the neccessary potato starch for the starchy thickness of the dish.     

And mini tomatoes here we go!!! So pretty, love them.     

Hato Sabure for dessert! Hehe so happy with the extra effort they put to introduce the dessert nowdays. Not sure if it is a summer thing. Hato 鳩 refers to the dove/pigeon and Sabure サブレー refers to the short bread. Basically, a product of a Japanese’s attempt to reproduce a biscuit that he received from his foreigner friend and the doves are inspired by the frequent sight of many doves the children play at the shrine he often visits. Famous and based in Kamakura, near Tokyo.   

After dinner, we decidedto make Jam!! Basically boil the umes with water and sugar and stir continuously. Pretty simple.     

Yay so excited for some Jam tomorow ^^  

So, a bee/wasp decided to join our nightly conversation. It… didn’t survive past tonight.  

Ahhh everybody is leaving soon. I hope I can leave soon too since my stitches are removed. Fingers crossed xx

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