Day 55 稲原

 Today was a very… emotionally eventful day because they didn’t bring me to the clinic today to remove my stitches and i was very confused with whether it is okay or not because my friend told me that there was a minor infection under the skin and i still have no idea how serious it is. This wound is just confusing and the language barrier kills me when I am stressed. 

Then i decided to keep myself busy which is 仕方ない and I wasn’t in the mood to document anything in the morning. Was super stressed out today really.

Anyway, for lunch today we have nikuchyaga which taste kinda chinese. Soy sauce with some beef and konjac and carrots. 


Chopped my tofu in a hurry and so it was fairly uneven today. And my thai friends are back!!! Everybody was so happy to have them back and I fell asleep last night… and didn’t manage to go to the station. Kitchen duty is getting increasingly crazy and the breaks are getting scarce… So that makes 3 of us extending for another 10 days!   

Anyway, today we experienced some kind of water shortage. I still have no idea why but possibly because they are cleaning the pipes or something like that, and so it started at 1130 which was when everybody comes in for lunch. We usually have this tap at the front door of the dinning room and so everybody who is late couldn’t wash their hands…

And the dishes. We decided to soap it and leave it there. And it was a terribly bad idea because everything got even oilier and harder to clean. I had to soap it three frickin’ times to get it clean when the water supply came back on. 

Also, i had to go to the toilet outside the house because this toilet has a different water supply (like, from the nature). Guess it is a reminder to not take things for granted. 


Started preparing dinner after a short break because of the water shortage zzzz. Anyway, chicken tenders tori no sasami. 


Lol this picture jusst reminders me of how they measure everything and make sure that everyone have enough to eat. They weigh the vegetables, count the number of chickens and observe everybody when they eat. This is for cooking rice. Lol on the other hand, I barely have any measuring things in my kitchen and nowaydays I dont even use a spoon for my coffee powder. 


Lol getting these tendons out was very hard work. And there was 56 of these – yup we counted.    

And we bread it ourselves. First, we pat a very thin layer of flour and then we throw it in egg. And then the bread crumbs panko.    

And zucchini!! I didn’t realise i never had a zucchini before. I always thought it was a cucumber but this taste kind like a cucumber and an egg plant at the same time. So i assumed it was from the egg plant family but no, it is from the pumpkin family. And apparently it is considered a fruit as it is the swollen ovary of the zucchini flower. But like a tomato, we can think of it as a vegetables and it comes in a few colours – a few tones of green and yellow and orange. OKAY MOVING ON.   

Egg plants for the misonasu. Basically, miso soup with egg plant (nasu)  

Ta da my masterpiece.   

Bananas for dessert!!! Apparently, bananas are not found in Japan and so we got this familar bananas from Phillipines. So i have a question. What’s up with Tokyo bananas when there are no bananas in Japan. And what about donkey konga?? Where do the bananas come from. So after some half hearted googling, i can’t answer any of these questions, except maybe that donkey konga probably eat some 8-bit fruits for food. Ok. Imports. 

Interestingly, there was a banana diet in 2008 that caused a shortage of banans in Japan. Apparently you can eat unlimited amount of bananas with room temperature water but you have to sleep before midnight and stop eating before 8pm.  


Heheheh and we did karaoke because Sai-chan was gonna leave. Hehehe it was fun yet again! With sake, umeshyu and whiskey!! Hahaha here is kiwa-san escaping all pictures of jer flushed face so now everybody made sure that they took pictures of her 😂  

Hehe current group. Apparently, it is one of the biggest group ever And 3 people are not in the picture. Hahaha it is so tiring and yup, we prepare meals for 18 people now. And so, 10 more days with this bunch 🙂   

Got this picture from Kween! Same old school karaoke with the song book and remote control 

And here is my very neccessary supper after drinking any form of alcohol. Guys, this is the secret to not getting hangovers and maintaining sobriety. Food!!!!

But then again, this is just a myth and apparently eating after drinking does nothing to prevent hangovers and alcohol absorbtion begins immediately upon consumption. Eating after meals actually contributes to acid reflux for the next morning. So only eating before drinking helps, as it lines the stomach to slow down the alcohol absorbtion and main low blood alcohol levels. The best way is to eat protein-rich food before drinking. Ok, so i guess i need another reason for supper after drinking. I guess this is just habitual and it really helps me somehow. Inidvidual differences 

Yea kinda have a lot of cuts on my fingers now which was crazy when i chopped the lemons for the sasami. It stung so bad. So, after daily kitchen duty for the past 10 days, i have new found appreciation for ready-made meals. It is such hard work. 3 hours preparation for each meal and can you imagine how I barely have any time to rest and my job is just to prepare meals?? I used to only take half an hour to do bento for myself and i guess 18 x 30 minutes still kinda have some economies of scale going on. Ok goodnight xx

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