Day 53 稲原

Was too tired to blog yesterday night and so I figured I have been sleeping too late everyday. Anyways, since the clinic was open till noon yesterday, the clinic visit was in the morning.  And they told me i can only leave 10 days later… I WAS SO BUMMED. I’m going to ask again later. 


Then it was back to working the kitchen.   

Grating ginger.  

For some sōmen!! Made of wheat flour and usually served cold.   

 We dip it in some shouyu-like cold soup, called tsuyu- katsuobushi-based and we can add these toppings to it: ginger, negi and ume sauce. I initially thought it was ketchup.   

And these are the stuff we have to eat with it.


Sōmen! Love it.   

Almost like yusheng   

Break time.   

Okay, was completely exhausted during dinner preparation that i was just trying to get work done – chopping vegetables, washing them and arranging them nicely on the plate. 疲れた I think i am now expert in chopping spring onions. 

Anyway, reallly yummy gyuudon for dinner.    

Dish washing routine 

Another combini run because the thai girls couldn’t make it yesterday because of the limited space in the car. So cute, Mo just wore her pyjamas out to the combini. And so we decided to buy snacks and beer for their farewell.   

Farewell pictures here we go.   
Decided to take my own farewell pictures too.

  This one looks like i’m their granddaughter hahahha. 

  Hahaha this is the room we sleep in. 

Goodbye Mo and Kween!! Gonna miss y’all!!! Thank you for the green curry mama!! 🙂   

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