Day 52 稲原

Today was a long and exhausting day although I can’t seem to pinpoint what’s so different about it but I guess the trip to the clinic has always been a good break from the kitchen. But the clinic rests in the afternoon for both wednesdays and thursday and so we went to the clinic the first thing in the morning

But first, breakfast. For some reason, japanese food bloggers were posting a picture of their mundane toast and I was like, Hey that’s what i eat everyday. And so I attempted to take a similar picture but I guess the trick is flowers. So maybe I will try again tomorrow, for kicks.  

Here is Otosan walking the dog!     

 Ok farewell picture. It is funny because we were both just slacking around and waiting for time to pass before i go to the clinic and before he takes the train.  

Okay, then clinic visit.  Looking good huh, apparently i can remove the stitches on saturday. How exciting.   

There is a random abraison at the side now. I hope that doesn’t add to my scars.   

Then it is back to the kitchen: sorting vegetables. Because these vegetables are organic, we have to wash them many times to make sure there aren’t many bugs.     

Then it was time for lunch but my phone died. We had the gobo thing i mentioned yesterday! It was pretty yummy with some sesame seeds. Interesting texture. 

This fish is called Tai. And it is for dinner. 


The fridge they use is almost like a warehouse and today we received a box of tomatoes and i was like, wooohooo tomatoes!  

Okay found this odd looking bug called hanamushi (?) during our routine ume juice break.   

Okay and I was really tired today so I went back to crash and almost couldn’t wake up for dinner.  

 And the highlight for today was the trip to the convenience store. Because there was this couple who are doing a road trip around Japan, they have a car! Yay! And check it out, hello kitty is having a promo at Lawson.  

Hehehe this kid blew flying kisses at me at the end. It’s been so long since my affinity with these four year old children.   

Hello there my favourite mini an pans! It’s been a while. So amused to see the cute hello kitty stickers too.   

Collecy 40 to get this plate i think!   

And Stephanie bought this amazing chocolate biscuit. It is so good. Sai says that a lot of people buy these back to their country. I guess it is the new Shiroi Kobito.  

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