Day 51 稲原

 Today is another day at the kitchen and i guess breakfast was pretty much the same except i finally skyped my father. For some reason, he haven’t suggested skyping me for all my recent trips. I guess I grew up or maybe this blog makes him less worried. 

So anyway, you know the fish shavings on the takoyaki – katsuobushi? You boil it and it gives the broth for many basic soup bases called dashi. And so i’m always asked to hold this sieve till everything drips out. And these residual flakes will be given to the chickens as chicken food. Yay #organicliving. 


And then the washing of vegetables. Nowadays i try to remember the names of the vegetables in Japanese. And this one is called Komaru Komastu, Japanese mustard spinach. (Komaru means troubled. Keep getting confused.) And because all these vegetables are organic, we take extra effort in washing the vegetables to make sure there are no bugs in there – we will wash it twice. 


And unlike the previous spinach, we don’t wash in cold water. We air it outside for it to cool down. Tjought that was interesting because i always cook all my vegetables the same way…  

This photo is quite amusing.   

Anyways, then we chop the vegetables and mix it with goma, shoyu, mirin and some sugar.     

This is kiriboshi! Dried japanese raddish and i actually love it. It is damn yummy and fibrous.     

And there we have it, lunch.  

So cute how they spend extra effort to plan lunch and dinner everyday and use calculator to make sure everybody have enough food. Currently the count is at 18 because two new people joined us tonight.   

I went back to the kitchen to chop a lot of spring onions and carrots and i was too busy to take useless photos. And also, i was chasing a fly around the kitchen. Maybe, i take that back about not taking photos. Think nobody will get the humour.  

 And then off to the clinic in the heavy rain. Ok so the range of japanese words for rain goes like this:

Kirisame 霧雨 < Kosame 小雨 < Ame 雨 < OoAme 大雨

And this was 小雨.


Here is the tunnel that we pass through everyday.


And today okaasan brought me to the clinic ^^ Thought i should start taking pictures with everybody before I leave. Probably another 4 days.   

So, here is my bandaged leg to give you the idea of where the scar is.   

Yep, seems to be healing today wooohoo.   

Then we needed to buy raincoats  And the whole store only had three types of snacks. -.- maybe it is a sign for me to stop snacking. Oh look, striped flowers! So cheap huh.     

Then it was back to the kitchen and it is rare to have both of them in the kitchen since I always replace one of them.   

This is Gobo.. Tomorrow’s lunch. Oh yea, gobo is a root vegetable and it is very crunchy… More on it tomorrow.  

Okay here is the prep for omelette rice! So we fry cubed spring onions, cubed chicken, carrots with loads of tomato sauce and the usual seasoning and we mix it into the rice.    

Okay dinner starts at 6.15 and so everybody was coming in and the dinner ladies were panicking. So I could only try the egg enveloping when we do second helpings. And i did it!!!!! Woohooooo highlight of the day. It is quite funny when everybody watch me do it since the frying pan in the middle of the dining table. So, my first one for Carol failed and that was embarrassing but my second and third one went okay and everyone cheered lolol. And   

Ran out of tomato sauce by the time i got to it 😦 Hahah today we did round the table introductions once again and everybody cheered when Mo and Kween introduced themselves in Jap (because they cannot speak any Jap at all).   

Here is the routine dish washing every night. One soaps, one rinses, one wipes the dishes dry and the last one puts the dishes back. And the last one pretends to be busy. And one could wipe the tables and keep the leftovers and sauces.   

So we decided to do mama party over board games and finger games -ABCD hahaha it was damn funny.   

Look! This biscuit is so cute!    

Okay bye Zacku, my board game buddy! Everybody is leaving one by one  

Oh ya here is the snack i bought today. Cute little slice of cake.  

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