Day 50 稲原

Wow  50 days into the trip and it has been nothing but amazing. Love it. But i guess this solo japan trip has been a dream of mine ever since i started learning Japanese and it’s still surreal how it all worked out sometimes. I guess it is a mix of having courage and making things happen. Ok rambling.

Anyway so today, i started with cleaning the kitchen because the others were too busy with picking plums. Yep, today is a sunny day and so everybody is busy because it is nohanki (busy farming period). Well, I basically swapped with them so they now pick plums while i work in the kitchen.    
Hahaha i finally know the technique of getting these tofu out of the box: you just have to drain the water out and it will come out easily. 


Ahhh this picture is a bit blur.     

Love eating these japanese cucumbers with miso.   

And this special wakayama miso is damn good too. Kizanji miso i think.   

For some reason, i was really hungry after dinner, perhaps it is from all the stress frolm planning the rest of the trip and fretting about the lack of funda. Omg budget travels begins. I kinda want to hitchhike but i don’t know how it is going to work out.     

Times flies somehow and it was back to the kitchen to help out with dinner.   

So, today’s new dish is Konjac jelly and this is very healthy because it has almost no calories and is very high in fibre. It doesn’t have much fkavour but it has an interesting texture. It is good for bowel movements and for detox. AND WEIGHT LOSS Omg ok i am going to eat more of this tomorrow.


Then it was time for break. I love it when ayuriko ask me to pick a drink and ask me where i want to sit. So i said outside. And here is the white sugar version of ume juice. Gonna miss these awesome ume juice and this life on the farm. Picking plums and learning how to cook and all. 😭 4 more days      

Okay and time for the daily clinic visit.  

Hahahahah otosan is damn lame today and my scar is healing well, yay!!      

Hurried back to the kitchen to continue with dinner.    

Today there were two new people at dinner and they are doing a road trip across Japan! one is a french pastry chef and the other is Japanese! So interesting, hopefully we get to see him in action hahaha    

And second last night of playing board games with Zach. He kept losing to me in Carcassone so I was like, okay I am going to take a picture of your losing face.


But for some reason, it is full of win.  

We bought the expansions too. Ipad board games are awesome. Ok time for bed. Weather forecast says it is gonna rain tomorrow but it is not very accurate… We will see. And this fly got to stop flying into my nose, ok goodnight xx

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