Go solo

I must say that I really enjoy traveling alone and everybody should give it a go at some point in your time. This time will never come if you wait so just buy your ticket and go for it once you have no commitments. Like, ME
Reasons for this being awesome:


You are in complete control of your day. You can do whatever you like and follow your interests. You don’t have to wait for anybody and you can rest whenever you want to. And eat at whatever pace you want. Check out all the bakery displays.

2.  No groupthink

Sometimes you just get sucked into doing what everybody wants to do and find yourself waiting for things to happen, decisions to be made. None of these. Please, nobody.

3. Make new friends.

Perhaps because of the lack of valency, you’re free to make friends with the locals. I guess being alone just makes you want to talk to people and with that, you get to mix around and practice speaking the local language.

4. Solidarity
Plenty of time to listen to yourself and understand yourself a little better. Very often, we pack our lives to the brim and we barely have time for ourselves. Ridiculous.


5. Culture immersion.

Some of these points overlap. But the culture immersion deserve a point by itself. When you are with your friends, there is no need to fit yourself into the culture. You continue to follow your own norms and do whatever you are used to, speak your own language. It is like traveling in a little bubble.

6. Independence.
With this, you know that you are able to survive on your own. But also, humans are social for a reason. You have nobody to watch your back and so please, heighten you senses and watch your own back.

7. Confidence
Speaking to other people requires some kind of courage, you will subtly gain confidence. Matter of situation, you just have to. And soon, you will feel like anything can happen. And this optimistic feeling is very important.

8. Knowledge.
I also feel you learn more when you are alone. You tend to have that alone time to read about the place and all. With friends, you just breeze past all the random facts and start to get restless about what to do next.

One month into this and i am lovin’ it. Sorry my friends, i guess these trips are meant to be alone. I miss you guys so though. Probably it is important to establish your purpose for travel as to whether this trip is social or a learning one. Learning/getaways are meant to be alone. But trippin’ with friends are just another kind of fun and I am thankful for the friends i have travelled with.

Also, I’m high on both extroversion and introversion and so this really works for me. I enjoy being alone to sort out my inner voice. As you read me, this you realise i have a lot of inner dialogue. So, I require some down time to recharge some energy. And i really enjoy being with people and making small talk. So both internal and external stimuluses are good for me… Also, i can’t be with people for a long time. 

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