Day 49 稲原-田辺

Yay and today everybody got a day off to take a break because it is Sunday and it is raining. So, we slept in and woke up only at lunch time. It was great. I am a bit worried that the tonkatsu sauce will contribute to my scars (asian logic) so i replaced it with mayonaise, and thus…it looks a bit off. So, anyways, croquettes were yummy.   

And so after lunch we decided to go to the supermarket to get some beer and tibits, Hahah i was like, okay let me take some random photos to put on my blog so here are the random photos.       

Then since Sally and Marcus left and its left with the both of us to do our board games marathon. This time, with beer and chips!   

Yay say hi to my red bean bun! I think i am starting to differentiate the good brands and the bad brands. This one is…not so good. But it uses black sugar.


Then we went to this market where Otosan does retail for his product.  

And where they give out samples and all.   

And this place is full of umeboshi (japanese pickled plums) samples. It is difficult to do ume samples without rice. It is just really sour.   

These are not too bad.  

Hehe my two cute thai friends 💁🏻  

We stopped by to sample some fruit wine 酒 ranging from orange to pomelo and umeshyu! It is really yummy and i would want to buy some back.   

Hahah they are damn cute.


Ok next it was kaitensushi, sushi on conveyor belt.


It was basically a one hour wait for the sushi and getting surprised with every jump for the queue number.Otosan was like, if it is not delicious then nobody will queue. At one ipont of the trip, i was like i am only going to eat food i queue for because i was so sick of getting disappointed. My imagination runs wild when I look at food and sometimes it disappoints. But, oh wells. I still want to eat what i want to eat.


Anyway, 40 numbers behind and it was us! Sushi time!!   

My room mates!


I know, my hair is so weird. 


So cute, otosan found a good angle of mo-chan.  

So cute this photo 😍      

Okay here is our twin towers for eating sushi.   

And dessert time!!     

Not sure why this Zachary don’t want to smile.  

Thank you Otosan for bringing us here!!! Highlight of the today’s day off. It was about 8000++ yen for 6 people i think? Quite a good price and he says it is cheap and good! So guys, it is a pretty good idea to do Kaitensushi when in Japan. 

Then it was back to the house to play board games. Today, we downloaded Carcassone! Hahha love how this feels somuch like exchange. Just slacking in the house and hanging out with beer and chips. It’s good. Oh ya and the clinic is on break today and that is why there is no updates on that. Ok goodnight xx


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