Day 48 稲原

So, the clinic have a half day on saturdays so we have to go in the morning.   

Thank you otosan for bringing me here! It takes about 20 minutes to get there everyday.          

Then it was back to the kitchen. I now don’t have to pick plums and all so I work in the kitchen and it has been fun. 

These are the outcome for the peas i deshelled on the first day as mamachan.  

And there is the harvest of eggplants, Nasu! Love it. Love how they grow everything themselves.    


And there is a lot of plating to do for 16 people.   



Yay the hydrangeas are looking great in full bloom now. Really like to see it around, so pretty!    


Ok time to prepare dinner! It takes about 3 hours to prepare dinner everyday because we have to mass prepare everything for the 16 people in the house.   

First up, some ramen eggs for the ramen tonight! So you crack it by a bit and add some vinegar to the hot boiling water before you out the eggs in. Boil it for about 6.5 minutes. I still prefer my own way of doing this though. 

 For some reason, we used a wavy knife to halve the eggs. Not sure if it is easier or is it for aesthetics.     

Ingredients for the ramen, we add this to hot water and done! We can choose between shoyu, miso or shio. 


And it was takoyaki time!!! So the batter consist of the ready-mix, eggs, water and mirin, i guess mirin is some kind of rice vinegar, i am still not sure what it is but i took a photo. 


This is mirin.   

Anthony is our head chef for takoyaki and so he stood there throughout dinner and couldn’t eat his ramen while we had dinner because we prepared 150 takoyaki balls with two packets, thereabouts. It was a takoyaki buffet. I am so satisfied, i am gonna put all my yen together to buy one back. Or maybe. Taobao one when i am in china.  



This is the takoyaki crew until we all abandoned him for our dinner.   

 This is phase one of our very first batch of takoyaki. After we pour the batter in, we use a stick to draw lines to stuff the batter into the spherical area. And then we wait till it is good to turn. 


For today’s dinner!!    

And then there were too many eggs left so i add egg mayonaise to my takoyakis and it was fantastic.   

And then it was our nightly board games night and the last night for Sally and Marcus! Today is like, the finale of our board game night as we played Settlers and Puerto Rico at the same time. It is funny because we started to do our own thing while waiting for our turn so two board games kept us more entertained and then there was the occassional bottleneck. 

We drank hojicha over board games and apparently it is a common drink after dinners and before bed time because of its low caffeine content due to roasting. Still not too sure what it is but it is basically japanese green tea made from roasted twigs in a porcelain pot over charcoal (instead of the usual tea leaves and steaming).  

Goodbye the two of you!! See you in Hongkong!! 🙂 

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