Day 47 稲原

Hi everybody, life is pretty mundane here but i am really lovin’ the remote farm life. So this is me having my routine breakfast.

  And my new job here is to prepapre lunch and dinner because of the injury. So, i have to stay here until they remove the stitches. Still a bit upset at the change of plans but i guess this is quite an experience too. Shall be learning how to cook.


So as mentioned previously about Natos, it is a unique japanese flavour and you have to stir it like crazy with mustard and all till al the sticky vibrous stuff appear and then you mix it into your rice. You can also add raw eggs and spring onions with it. And i’m starting to get used to the taste. Apparently, it is healthy and good for the body. And it is an aqquired taste, so most of the peeps didn’t like it, 

Tabdaa, lunch! Pretty simple.


These flowers really remind me of harvest moon. Hydrangeas. They are finally in full bloom!! 



Then i decided to eat more oranges since i am on an orange farm snd have been so fruit deprived since the trip began. Wakayama is famous for oranges and plums. And these oranges are slightly different. It has a thicker skin and its texture and taste is a bit more like grapefruit. 


Anyway, after lunch i started to help with dinner. These spinach is called hourensou. I keep forgetting so i shall write it here. Lol boiling these vegetables are a lot more complex then what we normally would do. We have to wash the vegetables three times, boil it, then rinse it with cold water. Next, we chop it and then squeeze the water out. And preparing these for 16 people os really more tedious. 


   Okay here is the highlight of the day!!! Tamagoyaki!! So excited when she started to cook this and i was like, okay omg teach me!! So basically you put sugar and some shoyu and beat the eggs, amount is up to your disgression.


Then basically, you really just fry it and roll it. Quite sime. But i am so happy that i finally tried this. 


 Ok and then it was time to go to the clinic to get the wound cleaned up.  

I hope this looks a bit better, i am still bothered by how messy the stitches look! Heal please.   


  This needs to be done everyday! Shodoku. And also, i finally asked the doctor if i can bathe and he said yes!! So tongiht, okasan passed me a pastic bag and some elastic band and wooohooo I showered! (Y) 

 Ok here is the confused weather on the way back! 

 So gratdeful for her driving me to the clinic everyday! :’)



Oh and today i found out that we rear chickens too! This farm is really pretty organic. We try to save water and use less soap and all. And all food wastes goes to the chickens (thats how i found out). Kinda creepywatching them actually. They are pretty huge, 


Also, i finally played with their dog today! Her name is fuuku! She just kelt wagging her taik at me si i decided to pat it and all. Ialways try to avoid it bcos i am still scared of dogs. 

Then it was dinner time! Ok and this is wakayama special miso! I kinda like it. Nobody touched it though. I think this is called Kinzanji Miso. And here is dinner! 


So sad, kiwa san gets her dinner delivered because she have to work till very late everyday. So poor thing. 

 And yay board game night again!! 🙂 

And today we are playing poker with yen. 


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