Day 46 稲原

Pictures of wound coming up. 

So, I guess the wound is getting better although it was kinda unbearable this morning and i had to eat painkillers. Went to the clinic with okaasan and they sterilised It.    

So i now know that there are three stitches. The language barrier is really big hurdle and i can’t ask my questions freely as I would have liked.     

Went back in time for some curry udon! I am starting to really like udon!   

Then it was a short break before i helped out with preparing dinner.   

These are called mamegohan, greenn peas i suppose. I now appreciate the readiness of those frozen packets in the supermarket.    

And then, we prepared tonkatsu!


Some flour, then dip it in egg and bread crumbs.     

It was so good. Love it! 


And tonight we are playing board games again! I think we are gonna start of Settlers. 

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