Day 45 稲原


Hihi today was gonna be pretty much the same! Somehow managed to miraculously wake up for breakfast and today we have yoghurt with bread.   

This yoghurt is pretty much home made. So apparently, if you add some milk to yoghurt and warm it up, you get yoghurt! Here is otosan and the yoghurt maker. Look so ritualistic but actually he is just checking the settings to keave the yoghurt at the corridor, where the power point is. 

  So, as predicted by the clouds, today was a nice sunny day and i actually miss the sun.   

Everything was so wet though. The trees were till kinda dripping when we were at it.


  Then it was break time and we all tried to catch up on sleep.  


Okay, and then i fell down while trying to reach out to some plum on the highest step of the ladder. (Picture taken a lot earlier btw -.-) and the fall was okay but the ladder landed on me after i fell. And made that hole….zzz  

And this was the wound after running water.  

About a thumb size.  Kinda thought it was okay and bearable until my buddy told me that it is very severe and i needed immediate medical attention bcos the wound is the big and deep. And so it was damn stressful waiting for otosan to come back to bring me to the nearest clinic and trying to communicate that it is now not okay. Oh wells but it all worked out in the end.  

And so i did an x-ray and some stitches and the doctor gave me some medicine.  

It’s kinda cool to have my name embossed in katakana. Sigh, i think i am collecting these hospital cards from all over the world. Still have my china one -.- And apparently i have to go back tomorrow… Oh wells.   

Made it back and this beetle thingy greeted us at the entrance of the dining room.  

Curry rice for dinner yay!


Then it was board games time. Yup, Anthony and his twin brother.  

Zach and his new pet fly.    

 Finally finished up the previous game and did another game, great!! ^^

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