Day 44 稲原

We woke up on time to find it raining and so we continued with Puerto Rico while on standby 待機   

The round hasn’t been concluded but Marcus won the previous night and everybody is kinda into the game right now. It is funny when we make references to wwoofing lol

 There was a butterfly somewhere in this picture.  

Today’s lunch! Koya tofu and some hotdogs and chicken wings from the previous dinner! I guess leftovers always get carried over to the next meal. I’m lovin’ thr koya tofu. Now i really wonder how the goma tofu taste like back in Koyasan – its specialty, onviously wasn’t supposed to be raw food and sushi.  

Anyway, since it stopped raining we had to go back to work and pick plums in our raincoats bcos the trees collected a lot of water and all.


Look! I found a snail this time.

Then it was break time Okuuke (お休憩). We always get a 30 minute break somewhere in the middle where everybody just sit down and do nothing, except anthony who has this thick manga book,       

This hello panda looking thing from carol.  

Today, sai was telling me about how long this house is and it is really pretty long.  

Dinner was egg shred soup with goba rice and some ika w seasoned cucumber and leftover koyatofu,   

Then after dinner, we got the last of zenzai and went with Karaoke!!

Damn cute, it Is damn old school! We search the name of the songs manually in this yellow pages-like book and key in numbers in the remote control to get our songs. This book is published in 2006 but the range of songs are still quite impressive being outdated for 9 years. 

  Otosan started the ball rolling    

Ok i digress but the sunset was beautiful! Apparently of we get red clouds at night, it will be good weather the next morning and if we get red clouds in the morning, it means it will rain. This weather thing is very important here~  

Hehhehe and we get very awesome umeshyu, homemade and all hehehe  

Series of photos for the night                 

Somehow the group strated to disperse and everybody wentto bed at about 10 :/ 

So anyway, i have to sleep now because tomorrow will be a long sunny day so goodnight xx

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