Day 43 稲原

Seems like time really flies here!! It’s been 4 days here and we are counting down the numbers of days left to plan when we can have a takoyaki party!! Quite excited for that actually!! 

 Today is pretty much the same as yesterday except that it rained so we had an earlier break! Okay, this is what i have for breakfast everyday. Toast and some tea. Did i already say I am going to by a toaster when I get back? So essential! Guess i will miss eating thick fluffy toast when i am back. So mundane but so good!


Hahaaha today before everything started, Carol found a baby frog on the ladder. It is so teeny, so cute.   

Here is what i see when i do the plums picking. 梅取り   
And i found a bee!! Is that a honeycomb. Hahaha insects have been very commonplace, so i guess instead of freaking out like i would. I calmly take a picture. 


Then it was lunch time! Carbs overload with rice and potato and all. 

And plum sorting. First they pick out the bad ones then the machine will sort them to different sizes. 


Lady bug! 

Dinner was chicken wings and rice, and my favourite zenzai. Love these red bean stuff. So addictive srsly. 

Pretty mundane day! Gomna play board games with the rest in a bit! 

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