Day 42 稲原

So we all got called back to work today because sunday is one of the rare sunny day for the upcoming week. And it is now the peak plum picking season. And it has been raining. 


It’s kinda meditative staring at um trees and deciding if the plums are big enough to be plucked. We usually use our fingers as a guide. About the size you get when your index finger touch the tip of your thumb.


Also, i climbed trees today. Grooming is all time low because we have to get up very early everyday.  


I think it is the season of hydrangeas!!    

Udon for lunch!!   

Randomly decided to take a selfie. We get on this lorry everyday to get to work and back. Today i get some room mates! Two from Thailand and one from Taiwan! 


Did pretty much the same thing as yesterday! We continued with sorting in the afternoon.


Hahaha damn cute they were showing me their stash of food from Bangkok!!! It looks so good. I like them already Shall buy this to try when i go to for my annual Bangkok trip! 

Then it was dinner time,  

Finally got to try the Japanese pumpkin Kabuchya that my friend was raving about! It is nicer than pumkin but…. Still okay.   

Love the dessert though! Zenzai, red bean soup with yakimochi! Quite yummy, i think i am too crazy for red bean. Need to tone down.


Think my period is coming!

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