Day 41 稲原

Yay so today I managed to get up for work on time for Day 2 here. Was having nightmares again since i woke up late yesterday! Breakfast is now one piece of bread daily. So anyway, today we did some plum sorting! From the soft ones being the best, the not-so-good ones and the bad ones. 


And here is my bestfriend for the day.   

Sorting bins    

We also went to the nearby warehouse to sell some plums to the local market! 

       Then we did lunch. It still puzzles me why my eggs look like that but i guess they probably cooked a few eggs at one go today. 

Back to plum picking



Bcos they wanted bigger plums, i found myself climbing ladders and stuffing my head between branches and spider webs to get the bigger ones. Quite fun i guess. 


Gonna be working tomorrow on a Sunday because it is going to be raining for the next few days. There goes our break… Anyway, we had Oyakodon for dinner. 


Getting fat here with the abundance of rice. But it has been a great experience trying to figure out instructions through body language and all. Also, fretting about the expenses for the upcoming month… Gonna hit a whole new level of hobo. Ok anyway, i’m tired, goodnight xx 

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