Day 40 稲原

Hi guys!! So, today is day one as a farmer girl and i must say I was a bit unprepared for the entire thing. From yesterday’s short briefing, i figured I might not have the right clothes for this. And i was so confused with the norms at first but i guess I’m getting used to it,.

Wakayama is apparently famous for oranges and umes – so I guess I am in the right place


Okay, so i woke up late today bcos we were supposed to have a meeting at 645am. So, that was very embarrassing so I found time to make breakfast. Breakfast is going to be one piece of bread everyday. 


So, everyday we have to go to the working shed to change into working clothes and then change back into normal clothes for lunchbreak. And then back to working clothes when we go back to work.  

This was kinda scary as i ran away from it this morning on my way to the shed.  

Things to bring to work: a towel, a bottle and gloves 


So, the picking begins! These are plums! The same plums for umeshyu, ume boshi and sour plum shots.     

And hello spider. It is kinda scary when you are poking your head through branches ad wild spider appears.    

Meet the crew! 🙂 

I also tried an unripe plum today and it wasn’t that good an idea but it is not bad.

  Then it was time for lunch  

For rainy activities, we did some packing with the plums.    

And they get sorted by these machinese for the sizes while the possibly rotten ones get manually picked out.  

Packing work.  

Then we took a mini trip to Gobo to do some errands! This mochi ice cream is damn good. I think it is the best ice cream mochi i ever had. Visited the Jigojyou shrine too.          

Then it was time for dinner! Damn good idea right here. DIY donburi.        

Feeling kinda tired already and i guess the spiders are pretty harmless. So, all’s good. I’m kinda excited at the possibilities of seeing Hotarus nearby!! Hope that happens. 


2 thoughts on “Day 40 稲原

  1. Yay bunzyyyy. Bangs are looking great!!! Also that MOCHI ICE CREAMMMM. better than the one we had at Gardens I bet!!


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