Day 39 高野山ー稲原

 Good morning! I woke up early and walked to the temple myself to do some morning meditation as Mat wasn’t feeling very well,i was so surprised by myself, the disappointment, the determination and how i magically found the place


Weather as pretty good with blue skies and comfortably chilly.  

Love it. Basically did the same thing with lesser people.      

Made farewell breakfast for Mat while he made me my last cup of coffee.:( he likes it i think! Good stuff.  

 Took the cable car down… And did so many transits – four.      

Missed the train and was stranded at Hashimoto for one hour.
Packed one for lunch. Brilliance.         

 Yay Uekado picked me up from the station and we bonded over facebook and work will start tomorrow. Briefing was so confusing because i couldn’t speak japanese but all worked out well.


Then it was dinner time and i get to meet the rest as they came back from work! Work here has very standard routines to follow. Shall touch on that tomorrow.  
Yay new friends! 


He says he is now our Japanese father!  

Sweet potato was amazingly delicious.    

Noodles was damn yummy as we eat it with cold seasoned soup and whatever you see on the table.   

After dinner, the group decided we should do something so we played uno for a while and used yen as chips for poker! Cute how they have french poker cards where 1 is Ace and the alphabets for the Royal set JQK is RDV!  

Now i am back in my room with two big spiders….and a moth.   

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