Day 38 高野山

Decided to stay here for one more night because the vibes here are great!!! It is just fun to stay up in the mountain! Woke up at 5.30am to rush to the temple for morning ceromony. It was a rainy morning and Mat was lead singer for the mass meditation.   

I really like meditating in the morning. And i guess I shall work on my my preserverance for daily practice. 

I’m also starting to recognise the different statues of buddhas that we are bowing to. Not sure if i wrote it yesterday, but the bowing acts as a reminder to activate the value that the principle represents. 

Also, i got invited to a little meeting with the head monks and we were offered green tea and rice crakcers with hershey’s kisses at about 7.30am

Made a new friend! And also, i went there looking like a disaster because of the mad rush this morning. Spot the smudge… Nobody said anything about this ,the whole morning…

 We then have morning coffee at the local cafe. Apparently, the best coffee in town. Oh my god, i really like his daily routine. So chill. We got my red bean buns from the local family part and chilled while he answered all my questions about the paying respects and offering tea to the last statue, Kukai.


 I now have a better understanding of the whole picture than yesterday?. So the myth was that the founding father of Shingon Buddhism in Japan had a vision to bring this religion back to Japan. He threw the flying three pronged tool in the direction of japan and he later found it in the pine tree located infront of the temple. The people who led him there later then become the local deities and they each have their own temple. 

  Then we slept in for the rest of the day because it was raining and also,we slept pretty late yesterday for movie night and i took the chance to run through my blog. So, ta da!

Then, we had coffee again. Damn good, love it.  
Then Mat suggested i check out the nearby Reihokan museum on my own which helped with my understanding of Shingon buddhism once again. Mainly to examine the statues, mostly from Kongobujin temple.

Then we went to the Okonoin Cemetry which was a pretty nice walk from home to the start of the cemetry, marked by the first bridge – ichinohashi. Oh ya i also learnt that you have to bow before you enter any place, and bow again when you leave. If bothered and unsure, just bow whenever you think it is right. The rainy weather makes it kinda apt for the ambience as they say it is better to visit it at night. I guess 6pm is a pretty good time, so you get to see it in both colours. 

Shall skip the details in case i get it wrong.


Walked barefoot throughout because i got blisters on my feet and it was so painful. Quite an experience being barefooted at a cemetry and one that is so significantly regarded.  

This was on the way to the the grave and it is believed the Kukai is in eternal meditation  behind it. Believers often ask him for help. We lited candles and incense sticks to pay our respects.  

This part is intersting. Splash some water on the statues to pay your respects. 

Ok not sure when we cannot take photos…. So maybe i have to keep this post private. Ok shall move on.

Now on to dinner, yes we were starving and all the izakayas are full. So sad, i was really excited to be back there. But blessing in disguise because this is the best sushi experience ever. 

We were the sole customers in the restaurants bcos people mostly do delivery. Look at how fleshy these niigiri sushi are.   


Natomaki is pretty interesting and better than i expected. I kinda like how is always orders special things that i have never tried before. LOVE IT


But i really felt like eating tamogoyaki and hello this is damn awesome???i need to learn how to make this. Probably as good as omurice, somehow. Eggs moght just be eggs… Eggs are probably the one thing i can live with for a very ling time.

  Just decided the food is so good i need to doccument it all.


  With the sushi chef!!!!! He has beeen a sushi chef since age 15 and is awesome as what he does!!! I like making everybody do peace signs. So cute.


And so we did another movie night to end the day.  

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