Day 35 京都

My friends left today and we had our final meals at Suki-ya. So, this was farewell.  It’s been great travelling with you guys 😭😭😭😭  

Me and my part time lover for Japan. Pretty funny how we acted all jealous and competitive in the presence of our chill couple friends. Self entertainment HAHAHA 

And okay moving on, hello solidarity! Checked into airbnb with the compliments of Jem, who told me to take a break before i continue the budget travels again. THANK YOU JEM!!! You are my fairy god mother 😭😭


Got a bit lost trying to find the apartment but managed it in the end! Meet my host who paitient.y gave me a room tour before i had to figure anything out. I love how this place have everything!!! And it was so comfortable.    

One whole room to myself woohooo!


Decided to cycle around town without anything specific and i found myself in a food market. Brilliant except i am not sure where to park my bike. Soya bean ice cream with injeolmi.   

  Tofu seems to be a thing here and it was so good. Tofu was good. Donuts were good. I guess donuts with ice cream will be even better  


Fried chocolate. 

190 yen takoyaki for six!!



Stumbled across a temple and decided to go in. I guess that is why it is called tera machi? Temple street… I spotted in the same area.



As i said, not too sure where to park my bike.

Can’t decide whether i want more kitty things, or not…

    Anyway, gonna give you the visuals for my bike trip around town.                 

Made dinner at home to try to make up for the extravagance for farewell dinners but yea, didn’t go so well. I had to rebuy some stuff.  Bought these from Lawson 100 Yen. Best shop for budget. This table costed about 800 yen,including  milk and mayonaise i think. 


These are my favourie the from the convenience store… Custard or redbean from Lawson. 

  Was so happy slacking in the house that i got too lazy to explore the outside amd go geisha hunting. Ot was a good break.

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