Day 34 京都 👘

Girls in Kimono.

Finally found time to update this entry with lots of word and breaking this visual post. So, we were all very excited to put on a kimonos to stroll around kyoto. I still regret not outting this money to buying one. I was so stressed out with my budget that i couldn’t think straight. And taking into account i haven’t wore my sari ever again, i figured there is no hurry to buy one.

So, kimonos are the traditional japanese dress that are worn during formal occassions and tourists in kyoto. And it is pretty difficult to wear.

We stumbled upon this store near our house and thank goodness because we were googling it the previus night and we got distracted half way through. It is a pretty good idea to get one near your place bcos you will wna start early and you have to return it at the end of the day.

So anyway, here is me in 2 layers.


And the final layer. Hehe i like this cute lady that is helping me with this. She is so nice. 

We decided to get our hair done to look more complete in kimono. Additional 540 yen i think.

First destination in our kimonos, Fushimi Inami Taisha – the head shrine of Inari in Kyoto. Inari is the god of rice. Each tori (orange pillars in pictures) is donated by merchants and manufacturers as they worship inari for their business.


This taiyaki got me so excited because what’s better than soft serve and some yummy taiyaki. But it was so bad. It wasn’t crispy hot as expected and the soft serve is all whipped cream or whatever cream it is,


These foxes are thought to be Inari’s messengers. These fox statues often exist in pairs – one with a jewel its mouth representing the spirit of gods and the other with an object representing the “key” to the storehouse. Basically, these foxes are related to good rice harvest. Also, the inari sushi – fried beancurd stuffed with rice got its name here too! 


Nest, we headed to Arashiyama to mainly, take photos and check out the bamboo groves. 

And of course, have our soft serve for the day.  

It’s quite a ride away from town.

 And yay, we were just glad to be out of these thick costumes at the end of the day because it was just too bulky. 

Decided to have dinner at this traditional izakaya   

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