Day 33 大阪-京都

 One hour train ride to Kyoto costs about 560 yen!  

Why is there a huge Hello Kitty right? This belongs to Jem. My friends went crazy at the kiap kiap machines and they each got a huge soft toy to bring home and stress about luggage space hahahaha! 


Also, special feature to Jem eggs from convenience the store. I feel like, everytime i tell her i’m hungry, she will just offer me an egg and it is so awesome! She bought 16 back to singapore. Siao zha bor. There are two types of eggs at the convenience stores: onsen tamago (soft-boiled) and ajitsuke tamago (marinated)!



 Our first meal in Kyoto was at Kichi Kichi. I have been drooling about these Omu Rice since god knows how long and it is indeed a dream come true to dine in such a personal and cosy space and watch this legendary chef in action. And he is so nice and friendly, love it. He will give a commentary while he cooks and we get to watch it from the counter.  

  Super tasty and perfect. Have you ever tasted perfection??? We each ordered one. There are also other things on his menu that like, beef stew and cheese chicken cutlet. I wonder how those taste like. Maybe next time. 

I read online that it the bread was good… It was okay.  
 Damn cute, he started showing us his videos of his Omu Rice! He has his own youtube page: motokchi 




 This mochi triangle, yatsuhashi, is uniquely kyoto and it is so yummy!! Samples everywhere. I think the best flavours are goma and matcha azuki! 

 And this must be the best taiyaki i had so far!!! It is a crossaint taiyaki and it is so crispy and genius. Wish i could buy another one, now all taiyakis have been disappointing…  
  We walked over to kiyomizudera at the end of the day, just enough to make it through the gates. But we got chased out at 6pm. This place is hugeeeee and i guess it will be great if we could spend more time there. But the main temple is under renovation, anyway….


Also, it is a steep incline up to get to the temple with many sovenir shops and food store on the way up. Most of them closed on us though.   

But we managed to get some food before we head down.    

For dinner, we had ippudo instant ramen party with all the random food we bouught from daimaru’s food basement because we decided to be more budget to make up for the expensive lunch. Then again, it doesn’t add up to be very budget but it was fun eating in our own room, getting high on matcha and all. Ha ha

Took a night walk to explore the night life and attempted some geisha hunting. Geishas are best spotted from 6-8pm on Hanami-koji and Pontocho I think. Nevertheless, we didn’t succeed sian. It was fun walking around though.


Just thought this looked interesting  

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