Day 32 大阪

Good morning! We decided to visit an owl cafe this morning!! And it’s a good thing we decided to have brunch before heading there because they don’t serve food and it is scary to eat with the possibility of owls flying around.

But anyway, the main idea was to camwhore with these owls.  This one is named Mocca and I think she is the store’s owl. The rest of the owls are on sale. 


Pretty cute! There was a pair of owls called Romeo and Juliet. A fluffy baby owl who looks too huge to be two weeks old and a mona lisa owl whose gaze follows your every move. And the owls by the windows were very scary. 

And we headed to the Momofuku Instant Ramen Musuem at Ikeda. This was damn far away and it actually cost more than our ticket to Kyoto… I guess it will be more worth it if you plan to explore the area too. 

We got to customise our own cup from the design to the ingredients! This requires no reservation but there us another class which you can do if you make a reservation online. I suppose that one teaches you more things and you get to wear a cute cookng hate! Last class at 2pm. We didn’t make it 😦


And also, you can’t eat this cup in the area. Not sure why, but i guess they want you to carry the inflated bag around town to raise awareness. Pretty smart huh.  
 And i was so hungry and slightly annoyed that we couldnt eat our instand ramen. But there was ippudo next door so then, all’s good.  
Tried the momofuku’s special which tasted somewhat like maggi mee. Why, of course. Shoyu-based. 

And my daily ice cream was this creme brulee ice cream bar!  
Headed back to do some last minute shopping and we had okonomiyaki while waiting for the rest to make their specs from Owndays. This shop have 60 years of background, trip advisor sticker and a queue. So i really wanted to try it.


 And then we had a second dinner at Sushi Zanmai bcos the guys were craving chirashidon. But anyway, this Tuna Yukke is the best thing ever. Sashimi seasoned with kimchi and raw egg. Super good.   
This congeel eel cost 500 yen but it is so damn good, i love it. Somehow the portions here are smaller than when in Tokyo…


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