Day 31 大阪 USJ

Universal Studios Japan was awesome. Thank god i have friends to go with or else, i doubt i will have fun in a theme park all by myself. Highlights of the day was Harry Potter and his Wizarding World. Super awesome being in a Harry Potter theme park and recognising all the random references to the books. The queue for this was crazy though. 

We got there at about 830am to buy our general tickets. Ticket sales started at about 915am and doors opened at 930am. 

  And the moment the doors opened, THE RACE WAS ON. EVERYBODY WAS RUNNING TO HARRY POTTER WORLD. If you are a harry potter fan and you don’t have a timed ticket, please do the same or else you will have to spend your day queueing to get in… 

 And the rides are worth it. 5D ride playing Quidditch and a roller coaster ride on a hippogruff. The downside to all these is that everything was in Japanese. 



Diagon alley was amazing but it is so crowded.



Okay, i did not take a lot of pictures of the rides because we were busy having fun. But we did master the art of taking opictures with mascots.


Omg these minions are so cute!!!! So cute when they walked out of the truck and dance to their ba ba ba ba ba na na song love it love it. Instant mood lifter.


These chocolate banan popcorn is amazing, love it. 

And also, because everything was so expensive here. We were well stocked on onigiris.  
Being model for martin the photographer.  

Also, i think i am better at roller coasters now. I love how you get to choose your music for the ride. It really helps and it is quite shiok because you can only hear your own scream! The staff says #3 is the best but there is also Feel this moment and Live for night for choices! Backdrop was fun too.  

Oh ya made it for the Attack on Titans walk-through attraction in the end too! Another one that needs a timed ticket but we managed to queue to get in after 5pm. But everything was in Japanese so it was difficult to understand. 

   So all in all, it was a great day!!!!  

Made it back to Namba for dinner, we were starving!  

And takoyaki!!! 


6 thoughts on “Day 31 大阪 USJ

      1. Hahaha right?? Guess it is just a temporary attraction – can’t expect much. My friends got interested in the anime after the walkthrough tho


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