Day 30 奈良

Today, we woke up early to get to Nara! So, everybody have been telling me how awesome Nara is – because of the free roaming deers. 


These deers are regarded as sacred animals, protecting the city because of the legend that one of the gods arrived on a white deer to protect the newly built (then) capital of Japan. And apparently, if you bow to them in Nara park, they will bow to you too. (They didn’t). These parks also sell deer biscuits (shika sembei) for 150 yen for us to feed these deers.  
And these deers are crazy for this biscuits. I think they might be overweight soon. They were attacking us and all for the biscuits. If you hold the biscuits up for too long, they might drool on you. 

So before playing with these deers, we decided to do a picnic at Nara for brunch. So we picked a good spot away from the deers because, well. And even then, there was still so much deer poop. So, we had to pick carefully. 

After many attempts to take a selfies with the deer, we went for sushi at tongiki and it was good and reasonably priced. Awesome. 

And then, we decided to visit Osaka Castle which was on the way back. We didn’t go in because it was closing and Candice said it wasn’t anything spectacular inside. 

So we sat by the castle walls and watched the sunset. I guess these are the things you really can’t get when you travel alone and i’m so thankful for them. 


We went back to Nanba to finish up some shopping and had the Okonomiyaki series for dinner. This time we had negiyaki (spring onions), mondayaki (with tomatoes) and yakisoba!!! 

And we walked around Dontoburi and got gyozas and burgers.

And somehow everybody was still hungry so we had more food at Matsuya. 

Matsuya, Yoshinoya and Sukiya are all awesome and reliable franchises that provides awesome beef bowls! Sukiya even does Unagi for a damn reasonable price. After having try all, i would say that the price matches that tasted i think Yoshinoya does it best for Gyuudon, out of the 3. I love the one with the onions (negi). And cracking a raw/onsen egg into your beef bowl is genius. Eggs goes with everything.

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