Day 29 名古屋ー大阪

I think I should really learn my lesson from blogging offline because these posts keep disappearing. 
Sitting at a coffee shop in Nagoya to avoid the rush hour from 7-8am. Apparently, the rush hour is intense as Nagoya is a pretty big city here in Japan and so Hyu advised me to avoid it especially with my big luggage. Not sure why I keep making bad decisions with my buses but my bus is at 12.30 and my friends just got into Osaka and here I am, doing nothing. 

But it is okay, I wanted to try the モーニングサービス morning service in Nagoya. If you order a cup of coffee or tea in Nagoya from 7-11am, you get free toast, egg and in my case, melon as well. I thought it was a good marketing strategy because they promote it as freebies instead of a set. But I guess this cup really cost 400 yen after breakfast hours. I was hoping that the toast was Ogura toast instead of buttered toast.

I am now a big fan of red bean paste. So much so that I don’t miss my Kaya at all. Guess i will be getting my last Ogura toasts before I leave Nagoya. 

Also, I need to be working harder on keeping to my budget with the recent splurge on food. I have spent half my budget and…this is not good. But food is good. I guess if you are not on budget like me, these food are not expensive. I mean, it is really cheaper than in Singapore… And I keep telling myself I will be spending the same if I am still stuck on that island. 


Updating 6 days later

Managed to get my Ogura toast at Kompura!! Damn yummy i love it.


Also, I decided to order their best seller fried Ebi sandwich! I realised japanese like to present their sandwiches this way! I guess it makes it easier for each mouth.


They also have the morning service deal but then they it won’t give me what I want to order so I gave It up and ordered ala carte. This place is pretty popular with the locals so it is highly likely that you will have to share a table with somebody (who smokes). Interestingly, most of them are single diners, like me.

Then, off to Osaka!! The bus was pretty empty this time! 

Then, i met my friends at Osaka Nanba, which is quite central and a good place to stay at, as it has all the major lines at this station. I’m super happy to meet my friends in Osaka because they all love food like, me. So we get to est more as we share.

So we walked around and got Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, the must-eats in Osaka, because it is more or less invented in Osaka and inspired by some other snack. Yaki means fried, tako means Octoous and okonomi means what you like/prefer! Go figure 

Sharing is great! Not being able to share food is probably the biggest drawback of travelling alone. So, i am so happy to have these friends to share it with, 

After that, we did some shopping around the area.



Also, apparently it is a thing to do this pose with this huge digital poster of Glico man on Dotonburi,the face of the glico candy. And so we did. But the photo is still with my friend. It’s funny how everybody tries to do it…

Then there was a boat party going on and they were shouting and having fun hahaha and the people on it were so friendly. Then, i remembered that Osaka have a very friendly culture. And many Japanese would descibe it as not-japanese. I’m not too sure about it because i didn’t experience their friendliness in my time here. 

Then it was dinner time!! Ame we decided to have Ichiran, everybody’s favourite ramen. It is cute because we get to eat these noodles in our cubicles. I guess the idea is for you to concentrate on the flavour. But it is possible to remove the dividers and increase the socialbility of eating ramen.



Then after dinner, we decided to take a walk and have supper. For some reason, we are not full. I love oden!!!!! It is actually a winter dish and it consist of standard ingredients like, eggs, fish cakes, raddish and all. These are boiled in dashi broth.

 We ended the night with some yakiniku and beer. Actually at this point, we weren’t very hungry but because the locals look so happy and this feels like an authentic local experience.


Moving on

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