Day 28 名古屋

Satisfied all the food objectives today. This makes me super duper happy.

Slept in and woke up with Hyu’s cute sandwiches for breakfast!!! So cute and meticulous somehow. 4 sandwiches of different flavours. But i was still hungry so i had my ogura toast for part two hehe. I guess maybe bcos i was thinking about it all night and i couldn’t wait to have it.

Next, we had hitsumabushi near the Atsuta shrine, apparently this street is famous for Hitsumabushi. We had ours at Ben Ten and it is pretty expensive, but worth it. I love it.

So what separates the Hitsumabushi from a typical unagi don is its price. No really, this Hitsumabushi is so expensive!!! 😩😩 But anyway, it is pretty interesting experience. Ohitsu refers to the bowl and mabushi means put something on top.
There are different steps to eat this yummy bowl of goodness. Step 1. Scoop some rice and unagi after mixing it a little and out it in your bowl and eat the four different variation first.

1. Plain

2. Add seaweed

3. Add pepper (sansyou) and some pickles

4. Add spring onions, wasabi and soup

5. Eat it in whichever way you like!!

Omg i love them all!!! Adding the soup was just brilliant and eating it plain is already so good. 美味し!!!!!

At this point Hyu was super amused with my appetite and he said one should always be 80 percent full. And the japanese saying is 腹八分めい harahachibumei. True… But who can resist goodness. 

Next we decided to check out Osu. This place is awesome! It is like a combination of Asakusa (temple and old streets), Suzukino (layout wise) and Akihabara(maid cafe and electronics)! Pretty awesome place I think and there are also loads of street food…

They have a god for each zodiac and I only paid attention to mine which is about sunshine and joy (year of the goat).


Mini food tour begins!! So much street food! I had this misokatsu in stick! Gonna miss these misokatsu. So yummy. 


Three variations! Monako. Ice cream in cracker shells. Red bean with mochi angemanjyu. 
And there was this Alice in Wonderland shop! I guess they couldn’t call it Alice in Wonderland so they replaced the word with.. Wednesday. It was a five minutes queue to get in and the small shop was bursting with people.    
Next, we visted 100 yen and 300 yen shops and cosmetics and all.

There was also this popular shaved ice shop which I was too full for. But it looked pretty good.

We ended with some Tenmusu. Average, I would say.

Then we headed back and I fell asleep on the way back. Then, did a siesta. I guess this is the travel fatigue kicking in. Guys, i might be tired. i can’t do this touristy things anymore…

Hehe and then Hyu taught me how to make Oyakodon!!!!!!!

Basically, you boil the chicken with sugar till it is about 50 percent cooked. Then you add light and dark soya sauce and onions cover it for two minutes. Then you add raw egg and cover it again. I think add the egg in two batches so there will be better texture. AND YOU ARE DONE. So excited to try making this when I’m back. We also made yakisoba. 

Btw, Hyu was a chef and owner of a restaurant for 10 years. So he cooked dinner in less than half a hour. Super cool.😬

Time to pack!! I think i lost my pokemon cartridges… I am so sad. 

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