Day 27 名古屋

Well, I’m actually here in Nagoya for the food. According to my research, it is good for a lot of food that I like. Miso katsu and Hitsumabushi (chopped unagi bowl), and so this sounds like a good stop to make before heading over to Osaka. Nagoya is good for their red soy bean.

Nevertheless, I decided to visit the Nagoya castle since it is highly recommeded and all. Most of it were destroyed during the Meiji restoration and everything here is rebuilt based on photos.

Before the castle, there is the Hommaru palace, which is a typical example of Japanese traditional housing called Shoin-Zukuri and was home to the lord of the Owari province…

The palace is filled with golden screen paintings of tigers and were replicated with the same coloration as the original.

 Also, the wood was of the highest grade called Hinoki Cypress. Also, the ceiling and the level will hint sociaL status

Thr castle has an extensive showcase of artifacts, with an observatory deck at the top – about seven floors in total. I found it interesting that that they could reproduce the food that the royals used to eat. Also, they mentioned that the kitchen was far away from the dinning room and so the royals are often served cold food. 

Also, the pretty stone walls around the castles are mostly inscribed with a marks (circles or triangles) as to which lords contribited the more difficult stones (to transport), to reduce the disputes for credits. These marks are called Kokumon.

 Also, this castle is famous for the two golden carps/dolphins called Kinsachi. And it works as charm to prevent fire as it is said to be able to summon water. Just looks like Gyrados to me.

Also, the castle was having a little satsuki festival.


Next up, I walked to Sakae which is a popular district filled with shopping malls. There was a rock band playing music in the middle. And more interestingly, there was an old man painting a picture of them while standing. I was impressed.

Then, i found Yabaton on the 7th floor of LACHIC. I must say, it is pretty difficult to find these malls when tall the buildings are so tall and of similar colour. Anyway, this is for Miso Katsu. I ordered half and half so I can compare the usual Katsu don with Miso katsu.

 Pretty yummy. It is cute how they promote their healthy sauce – Red soybean miso sauce which is maid after boiling the miso with pork and other ingredient for several hours. Not sure how does that make it healthy but how can deep-fried stuff be healthy…

Nevermind that this is yummy. I like it. 

On the same floor, there was this very awesome looking Oyako-don, which i really wanted to try but i just had toeat  my miso katsu since it is a specialty. 

Next, after strolling though the food halls at the basement. I headed to the pokemon centre, i am just amused that I’m gonna try to visit all the pokemon centres. Though i didnt think about it previously when i was in sapporo. Lack of research plus, nobody mentioned it. Oh wells, gotta catch em all.



 Thought long and hard about whether i should get tsumtsum dolls. I wish i had more money….  
I’m very excited with the food here and so my research here is pretty extensive. I wasn’t feeling so well today and i could barely get out of bed and so i decided to call it a day and get back early. So I’m not sure if i can be done trying all their delicious food before i leave. I want to try their tenmusu and hitsumashibushi.

Managed to snag an ogura sandwich which is french toast with red bean paste and i am lovin’ it. Such brilliance, i really love the anpan now. So damn yummy! An -pan forever woohooo

Finally did my laundry and the night ended with a long chat with my host, Hyu, while watching View on the Top. This show is one that i watched when i was younger… One of my inspiration to be an air stewardess. 

 And also, i’m living in harmony with two cats!!! Friends, please be proud of me. Hehe Hyu is gonna teach me how to cook Oyako don after I told him my sad story about not having two stomachs to enjoy two dinners. Like, there can only be one. 

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