Day 26 東京都ー名古屋

Today was lame because I missed my bus to Nagoya. I thought i will just rest for a bit and I overslept..l. And because i did not plan to sleep, i did not set an alarm. I just felt so miserable today. But life goes on…I booked the next bus. It is weird because I could booked a cheaper bus online but I just couldnt pay for it because the session expired and i panicked when it sold out.

So i decided to buy a sim card to ease the communication between me and the world, to reduce the lag in information. For example, my Nagoya host nearly didn’t take me in because I could only get in at midnight. And I would have booked a midnight bus instead if i knew that earlier. But anyway, yay sim card!

For lunch, i had tsukemen because i was upset and I felt like eating my feelings. Quite yummy and I kinda like it. The idea is that Tsuke means dip. So you dip your noodles in this very rich and tasty soup before you eat it. And at the end of the meal, you ask for some soup to mix in so you can drink it. 


 Then, I went back to the bus stop to wait for my bus.

The Willer Express is pretty comfortable. I like it. It is pink, the seats are spacious with a good incline and there is entertainment in board, rangeing from movies to games. 

 And my favourite part is this thing that covers your unglam face when you nap.

The bus took two rest stops and so i got two snacks.



 And i made friends with my bus buddy!! She is actually Mongolian but her Japanese is so fluent and she is doing her Doctors, in Japanese.  
And we reached the stop at 11pm sharp. So the thing is, my host told me that i have to catch the last train at 11.43pm and i thought it is more than enough time to get to the right train. Which is true. But i was so confused by the platform. So i learnt that Meitsusu line is not the Subway and that each platform has different train routes. Queue at the respective route with the colour tapes indicated on the floor… And when confused, just google map your route and use the time as the guide. The timings are very accurate, so you can use it as a guide to when to alight as well. Well, i had help from the nice people in Nagoya too.


I kinda really like sleeping on futons now. 

And yay!!!! All went well after that. I felt so accomplished when i saw my host and the other guy who was going to leave tmr morning. I felt so bad that they have to wait for me but super grateful that they were so nice about it.

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