Day 25 東京都

Today was awesome. We decided that today can be a solo day so we each followed our own interests. 

As a proud owner for four pokemon cartridges, pokemon is really a thing for me!.And i’m glad i managed to collect my mystery gift from the front desk. Bcos of the birthday week, i feel like going to every pokemon centre to collect my mystery gift now, i hope it is not the same thing. 

 They gave me a fairy eevee, not sure if it is mystery gift exclusive but i consider it very ugly and i think the ice one looks much better so maybe for the next pokemon centre…

Ok i didnt expect pokemon centre to be just a shop so i was slighly disappointed that it was so small but nevertheless i had a fun time shopping for merchandise and pretending everything is for my brother, these plushies were soooo cute, love it.


Have been collecting these pennies since my travels two years ago but i somehow feel like giving it up. This might be my last smashed penny. For now. 
Made friends while shopping bcos we all wanted to get the pokeball container hehe 

Was so hungry so oden was perfect!

Then I decided to continue with shopping at Harajuku. Harajuku is a great place to shop. Especially their secondhand shops which has so many vintage and branded stuff. If only I have more time and money… 


Hahaha tamagotchi has evolved…since


      I took this chance to try on a yukata and the nice girl working at the shop helped me with it. It might not be obvious to you but this one in the picture was done by yours truly which…is done intuitively, incorrectly.

Met the rest for Monjyayaki at Shinjuuku! Our group size is now down to four. I love this DIY okonomiyaki concept. A very good business idea to bring back to singapore dont you think! Anyway, the difference between Monjyayaki and Okonomiyaki is obvious. 

One is prettier.

And the other is not so pretty. But Tokyo exclusive! It’s quite nua. 

And it is quite fun cooking all these things. Each pancake seem to have a different way to cook it so good luck figuring out the instructions in Japanese.

Ok  just kidding, I’m sure they will help you with it. But anyway, the first step is always to mix everything up. And if you order it with pork, you can cook the pork at the side while you cook the mix in the middle. And make sure it is a circle. 

If there is seemingly a lot of toppings, you cook half of it first. 

Then add it later, when it starts to brown, flip is and cover. And wait. For about 4 minutes, there is a little hourglass to help you with the time. 

I would think the browner the better, then add the okomiyaki sauce and the spring onions and all.

I was just so happy. And Monjyayaki is a bout the same, you dump all the everything except the batter on the girl and mix it up thoroughly. Then make an empty space to pour the batter in and then wait. And then stir. And then make circle. And then add batter. And then wait. And then stir it in. Repeats. About 4 times. It is easier if you watch a video of it on youtube, 


We also had yakisoba.  

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