Day 24 東京都

Got up early today to have breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market again. I really do like this place. It is like the Chatuchak of good food. However, this time I alighted at another station, Tsukijishima, with the convenience of the Oedo line and I found muself entering the market from another side. So from there, I found the popular sushi bars and kaisen don places. Regretfully, we didn’t go try that. 


Prior to this, I did not know that the Monjyayaki street is at Tsukijishima station… Monjyayaki is a Tokyo specialty and a spin off from Okonomiyaki. This street has 72 of these stores and most of them are good. I would have checked it out if I knew. And also, i need more tummies.

Okay i guess I can do recommended itineraries when I am done with my trip because I tend to repeat places on this trip and it is a bit confusing somehow. 

But anyway, we had this super yummy gyuudon who had a long queue of dudes in suits. So we joined the queue with the idea that we are going to share the gyuudon, so we can do the kaisendon after. But they were pretty upset when we shared. So basically, you can’t sit at the counter and you can’t have extra chopsticks. So I guess it is important to be more discreet about sharing. They were pretty angsty about it. But anyway, it was worth it. 

 Today (three days later), I learnt that gyuudon with egg is tanindon, which means unrelated. And oyakodon means parents and kid. Get it?? Eggs and beef are not related but chicken to eggs are like, parents and offspring. Just thought that was interesting.

Wish i could buy some of these back.   
These tamago sticks are just damn awesome, and for 100 yen only, best.  

Tsukiji is moving soom. To accomodate a larger crowd.   
     Miso hotate yaki!!!! With butter, good stuff. And so we each got one. Fake food looking convincing huh.     

Saw this standing sushi bar and i just felt like ordering one damn sushi、previously i always liked salmon more than maguro but now maguro wins.


Thought this ika guy was pretty amusing.   

We went to Harajuku to continue shopping snd have lunch. Lunch was pretty mexican. I had a taco bowl salad and it was good. 

Also, there were a lot of peole queueing for zakuzakus and it looked so damn good. Zakuzaku is the sound you make when eating choux cremes. Pretty pleased with queueing for this but at this point i was so full. 



Next, we decided to go to Yebisu Beer Museum for some afternoon beer. Each beer cost a coin and each coin is 400 yen! I ordered the creamy black top, which is my favourite after tasting the others. 


 And this onwards totally reminds me of my exchange days. We then went to the supermarket to get ready for Sukiyaki and food was so good. I shall spare the details. 

   And then we decided to go karaoke in the end. Sang till 5am and ran back in the rain, and cold. But it was worth it, super fun. Don’t know where the energy game from but now i’m drained. 

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