Day 23 東京都

Today was pretty chill. We had the best Tonkatsu in town – the one we didn’t eat the other day. The entrance is so small and it is at a corner, i love eating from little stalls like this: cosy, local and hole-in-the-wall. And it was so goood, well breaded and all!


 The soup that came with it was one of the best miso soups I ever had. So I had to order another one and I managed to get one of the chef’s attention instead of a waitress and he came all the way out to ask me what I want. So nice :’) A+ for service 

Aftee that, we did some snack shopping and rested before we head to our new apartment  

Amused with how they provide Yukatas and clogs.


We checked out Akihabara, the geek neighbourhood today and it was filled with manga shops, arcades, figurine stores and random maids on the streets advertising for their cafes. Eventually, we got bored walking around and all of us have different takes on animes. I guess this place really only appeals to Otakus. And i didn’t recognise 95% of the stuff… Also, i guess electronics might be cheap here.

So, i guess everybody in this queue (pretty long btw) are dudes and they get to draw lots to see which girl will get….   


I heard these catcher machinese are super difficult… 

We check out a maid cafe in the end and I guess this one is less gay. They didn’t allow pictures but this maid cafe is mainly based on a game that I don’t know about. We each ordered something and the girl nicely told us about how we don’t have to pay cover charge unless we order from the dinner menu after 6pm.

So the maid cafes are really a thing here. The maids will sing and dance for you or even feed you if you are the right cafe, i guess the one we went to was pretty mild. My friend ordered a pancake and the maid just helped her with the maple syrup…


Since it is birthday week, i get to choose a maid to take this polaroid with. I’m so amused with the idea that i actually picked someone, i felt like a dude.


Eventually, after shopping and all. Everybody met up for some yummy tempura. Interestingly, we booked the table at the wrong floor and this place is very price differentiated. Food at the basement was ridiculously expensive and impossible. Didn’t know tempura could be so high end. 

 This was quite yummy. Mine came with conquer eel, shrimp and eggplant. 


Next, the group decided that they want to have a matcha parfait and we ran to the store when we realised the last order was for 5 minutes but we ran in the wrong direction and so, we didn’t make it. Eventually, we ended with some matcha at reliable starbucks. Cute. 

Because my friends have DSLRs and all, more photos with them.

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