Day 22 東京都

Today was a great day because I managed to meet Annette, a friend I made while doing summer school two years ago. And it was just amazing to finally meet again! She went to Bali and was gonna do a stopover for 12 hours and so we managed to meet!!!!!! Also, it was difficult to coordinate because both of us don’t have a Japanese number. But it all worked out and we met at the Tsukiji Fish Market -the friends I am with decided to go to Disneysea and I am reserving this budget to go to USS to see my favourite Harry Potter!

Tsukiji market is damn awesome. So awesome that I think the right plan to do when you come to Tokyo is to stay near the fish market and have breakfast there every single day. This place is a buffet of samples, with my favourite tamago. There are just so much food to try. All the stores just look so perfect.   



 So after doing rounds around the market eating tamago and oysters and all. Damn awesome. We eventually settled for this store, Kanro, who claimed that they won the tuna auction. Not too sure what goes on for the tuna auction but it is highly recommended to check it out at an unearthly hour like 5am. 5am maguro. Sure. Anyway, this store had a trip advisor sticker on it, so i guess the authority approves.
As my group was feeling for sushi, we got sushi. But the chirashi don my neighnour was having looked awesome. And i guess their menu for their donburis are a lot of extensive. Sushi was good, nevertheless. But not as awesome as the best sushi I had the night before this. Speaking of which. This sushi zanmai have many chain outlets in Tsukiji and I spotted so many. I guess if you have a Japanese phone, it is best to make reservations so you will have to wait in line. 

Next, we checked out Asakusa again. 

    This time there was a lot lesser peoe and the food stalls were gone. So i guess, this is how it looks like normally. 

 And this felt like a deja vu of the day before because I walked through the same route, wanting to do the same things. And i had more of the Agemanjus today. I am convinced that this is one of my favourite street snack because it is consistently warm and crispy. I think the original is the best after trying the plain, matcha, goma and pumpkin. 


Asakusa-kokonoe (浅草九重)
Asakusa 2-3-1, Taito-ku, Tokyo


I did my divination again and… It wasn’t so good. Maybe I shouldn’t keep doing. They say about the same thing but it just keeps getting worse. The only consolation is that it is still midly positive. My friends got really bad ones that says very harsh things. The funny thing is that this one has a version in english but with very bad english like, “you are a bird, waiting for a fish, the fish won’t come” something like that i can’t remember. 

Therewas this group of peoe going around stores to…wish them good luck. It is quite cute a scene as they will go to each store, say some stuff. End with what-sounds-like-11claps and end with a bow. We gathered that it is either sales ir to wish each store good luck after the festival.

Then it was ice-cream time! So nostalgic 😢   
 Then we walked over to Ginza which was pretty nearby to take the Ginza line to Shibuya.And here are some visuals of random things on the way. 





Most random. 



 And It was really funny playing with the famous intersection.

    Like, a crossing so mundane is so entertaining to us tourist that many people were camping at windows to take videos of it. So we decided to do touristy stuff like dancing on the street and spinning in circles with our selfie sticks and do time lapse videos, kinda embarrassing but it is actually really entertaining. Quite a few people came up to us to take selfies. Weird stuff. I hope those pictures dont make it anywhere.


We then walked over to Harajuku and tried to spot interestingly dressed people. But not a lot of people are dressed interesting.

Eventually, we made it to Shinjuuku and had really good ramen after some very bad miscommuniction with the peoe there. But this is the best ramen I had so far. Tonkatsu base is the best! I swear. I love this spicy miso soup with garlic oil. So damn yummy. Also, it is important to have the Ajitama for every bowl of Ramen. Shall consolidate and do a post on the different kind of noodles rangeing from the type of noodles to soup bases. It is damn interesting how the different regions have different taste preferences. Probably due to geographical reasons.  So good. 

   We decided to take some neoprints too. These machines are crazy and they alienise your eyes and I have no idea how to turn it down and so here is the end product. Also, the time limit thing is crazy and I forgot how it was like to decorate these stickers.

Fun day nevertheless

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