Day 21 東京都

So after a very long night, we woke up in Takadanobaba which is generally a student distrcit because of its proximity to Waseda. Interestingly, there are quite a few popular food stores with very long queues in the the morning. We were planning to go to have Tonkatsu at Narikuno but it was closed. The other one called Red Rock had a ridiculously long queue which seems impossible, at 1145am. 1145am for Tonkatsu or Gyudon. Not too early at all. 

We settled for Tokyo Pasta and I had Mentaiko ramen. I just realised the Kanji for Mentaiko is 明太子. Hahaha and  they had free flow of bread which I like very much because it was crispy and it came with very yummy matcha butter and custard.


 We tend head over to Asakusa. This area is pretty intersting because they preserve the old edo looking houses. If you are planning to visit streets that actually look Japanese then this is the place. It is full of food and souvenir shops in old japanese houses. 

   This weekend happened to have Sanja Matsuri festival which is the biggest Shinto festival in Tokyo. The festival is to honour the three men that founded the Sensoji Temple, with three portable shrines MIkoshi.





Also, Senso-ji is the biggest and oldest temple in Tokyo. Asakusa temple was apparently beside this one but it was so crowded that we didn’t go. I wrote about the temple routines when I did Day 19 but it was wiped. Will write it again on my way to Nagoya.

There was a lot of food stores around the temple with lots of yummy food rangeing from Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki and all. All looks damn amazing, better than the one during thr hanami back in Sapporo. Smells damn good…

   We then walked over to the Sky Tree. On the way there, we had to cross a bridge and it is funny how we spotted so many jelly fishes in the river with a lot of rubbish. Never really saw jellyfishes out of the Aquarium though, so I’m still skeptical about whether they are jelly fishes but i guess they really are. 

The sky tree very much reminds me of the Eiffel Tower. Random tower just boasting about height and awesome view of the city with a super long queue and lame waiting time to get up. I guess the view must be amazing but I am sick of paying and waiting to get up. 634 metres high. Fast lane makes the queue shorter but it is extra 10 dollars. 

Later we all just rested at a convenient Lawson store to get a drink and we made friends with this older japanese lady who was very interested to reccomend us places to go. She was so nice. When asked if she can help us make a reservation at Sushi Zanmai, she said okay and we asked us to wait. To go home to get her phone…… We were speechless. She was really nice. It is quite cute because we keep bumping into her along the way to the station.

The Asahi landmark was nearby too. It is this odd looking gold lump on too of the building that is supposed to resemble a glass. We decided not to go but it was quite near the sky tree so I guess it is good to plan it in if you are interested.

To figure out the way there was kinda complicated because our wifi egg died. the wifi egg came with the apartment and it works like portable WIFI for all of us. But it died… and we didnt know the name of the shop and the address and all. And since the nice lady helped us make the reservation there, we thought we just have to get there. 

The transit to the Oedo line (pink) was ridiculous. We had to get out of the station and walk almost 3 blocks (out in the open) to get in for the transit. It then occured to me that I’ve beem taking those super long transit walkways for the granted. 

But anyway, we made it to the restaurant on time. And this is the best sushi of my life. So much so that I actually took pictures of the menu and I’m going to post it here. So awesome. So so awesome. And here is what I ate. I think only the Ikura and the lightly broiled fatty tuna was slightly disappointing but everything else was so good. So life changing.

   This Tuna Yukke thing is the best. Tuna with soy sauce and egg yolk is so good. I am now convinced that adding a raw egg to anything is a good idea. To rice, to sashimi, to your milo, very very good idea.
This meal is so good that I just kept thinking about it on the way back. We ended the night walking around Shinjuuku but it was mostly closed and so we headed back to do some tibits shopping. I need to control this expenditure. It seems that the budget for food is unlimited.  

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