Day 20 仙台ー松島-気仙沼市-東京都

To much of our disappointment, the breakfast at the hotel was not a buffet. So between Western fare, Japanese fare and curry rice, we chose Japanese. I guess it’s the traditional Japanese breakfast. 
Mix the super sticky mushy nadou with your chopsticks until all the sticky mucusy stuff becomes more visible. Then add it to your rice and mix it in with the raw egg. You can also add a bit of shoyu at this point. I guess this is thier version if porridge.

Hahaha it is really very sticky amd if you didn’t do step one properly, it can get very messy. Hahaha i was a bit lazy to eat clean but Ikemoto was like, “make beautiful!”. And so i finished every grain and bit of it. Mama will be so proud. Btw fun fact, pretty and clean shares the same adjective. Ki-re-ii

Meanwhile, we were trying to decide that today is going to be a rainy one or not by spotting the people with their umbrellas up from our window. There was this v confusing guy who carried an umbrella but did not use it. This guy gave us hope.

And because of the rain, we wanted to give Mastushima a miss because it won’t be pretty. But since it is so near Sendai and on the way, we decided to do a drive by. And it was really pretty. The islands have this sedimentary look that reminds me of the Grand Canyon, except smaller and with a lot of trees. However, because of the rain, the views were misty….

But we went ahead with the boat cruise to see the 260 pretty pine (matsu)islands. So when the famous Matsuo Basho visited this area, he said that nothing more could be said.

Matsushima ya
Ah ah matsushima ya
Matsushima ya

– Matsuo Basho

Also, this area was hit by the earthquakes but most of it is still around. And they are encouraging tourism to Matsushima to help their recovery efforts.  Quite nice reading about the survivor stories. One american famiky who got separated during the tsunami was helped by one English speaking town offical who successfully reunited each member. And so, this famiky went back to set uo a fund for Matsushima. 

Nevertheless, this place is also listed at Japan’s top three views. So, it is definitely worth visiting, 

Oh ya before that we had about 45 minutes and we visited the Zuiganji Temple, which was spared during the war. This temple is the biggest buddhist zen temple in Matsushima with over a thousand years of history. And if I am not wrong, it is the same sect that Ikemoto believes in, which is the Rinzai sect. Their main temple is in Myoshinjicho temple in Kyoto. Ok enough details.

     Anyway, they are still renovating the main temple… So you might not want to include this if you have enough temples to visit. Which is kinda the situation for me now. Then again, all these temples are epic in their own way. 

Ok we really ran back the port to make it for the 10am ferry and we made it. Ikemoto is damn fit at 60 years old, and i find it difficult to keep with him. He manages steep slopes as if there is no incline. Damn impressive, i need to tell my dad this dor inspiration. Daddy, you need to keep fit!!!  I guess thats why i always have so many photos of his backview – because i am always behind. 

Okay, the islands were quite something even in the fog. There was actually people living on one of the larger islands and if i am not wrong, there were 300 people living there. The ride was about 50 minutes long. 

   There is also this red bridge rhat is 252 metres long called fuukurajima that connects thr islamd to the shore. Sounds fun to go cross the bridge to check out the random 300 kind of trees and grass on the island. 15 minutes and 200 yen only. Maybe we shuld have done that instead. I tend to only do my research after the encounter because i have to see it to peak my interst and feed my curiousity. And i write my notes here.


Lunch was random bread, somehow i imagined this bun to be filled with egg mayonaise. But it was just a egg bun. Like, egg instead of coffee for coffee bun. Quite yummy! I had these cheese cake thing too. Japan’s convenience stores are awesome.

  En route, we passed by another tsunami site and this one is not as developed as the ones yesterday. 

Also, we got to the border of the radiactive zones and there are people guarding the barricades. I was actually a bir worried about being at this border… My lack of scientific wisdom is still unable to comprehend how radiation works. But i have this paranoia that an encounter with one radiactive atom will haunt me for life… But i dont exactly know how it works. Are these atoms still around?? 解らない..

We eventually got to Tokyo after abandoning the idea of having gyoza at Tochigi. And so we had our final dinner together (Ramen) before going separate ways. And I nearly cried when Ikemoto was so worried about leaving me to be alone that he made sure the convenience store guy will call a hotel if I can’t find my friends. So nice :’)

Then, we went to check out the club in Shinjuuku, atom. It was full of dudes…. Girls get two drinks and a ice cream. Yes, ice cream!! The drinks doesnt include beer though. I guess clubbing ews quite fun but we left at three for supper and there were so many people entering thr club at three. I guess the night just began… Hahaha and the guys got excited when they saw a bikini babe in the toilet but this girl was just working there. Probably a dancer. We didnt get to see them do their thing though. Also, they played disney songs like, circle of life and under the sea. Nice

And because cabbing was very very expensive. We sat around and waited for the first train. Eventually we decided to walk towards shinjuuku, so it is better to change lines. Speaking of which, changing metro lines are crazy. More in the next post. 

So we cut across the huge yoyigi park and there were people jogging at 4am. Insanity.i think we got lost in the park and routed a longer way so we gave up walking to Shinjuuku. I was so tired trying to figure out the train onmy own  for the first time: I kept missing my stop bcos i instant KO-ed when i got aseat and i tried to exit from the wrong exits. Complicated metros right there. Also the machine ate my ticket because i forgot to take it from the gantry… Lesson learnt. I was so tired i forgot i had a suica card (ezlink equivalent)

And people dont seem to sleep in Tokyo. Sun rises at 430 or so…

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