Day 19 盛岡市-平泉-仙台

Hi everybody, so it was nice waking up in a normal bed and equipped with a personal toilet this morning. Life is great 😊

Lovin’ the 100 yen worth of one litre drink for breakfast. This taste like yakult. 

For some reason, the carpark of the Chunsonji Temple had so many Wanko Soba shops. But they closed early last night so we had to go to the one at Morioka, which is supposedly more authentic anyway. 

Anyway, their specialty is this Benkei Mochi, which is quite yummy. It taste like grilled mochi with some yakitori sauce. It is really quite popular because people keep coming in to buy one,   

Our first stop is Chunsonji Temple! But there were many random little temple on the way up the slope. The slope up is very steep! It’s like 10 minutes of the steepest part of Bukit Timah hill.



Where is the matcha!      

Anyway, there are always these little pool of water for you to wash your hands and mouth before you enter the temple. This is called Misogi and for purification before entry. I’m still not sure whether it is for drinking…

Apparently if you are sick or injured (open wound), you sre advised not to enter because it is considered unpure. Also, it is common practice to whiff some smoke from the altar and pat it your head and clothes before entering the temple.


It is different for every temple, so this one separates the female and male. 

Ok. Need to explain this photo. Ikemoto forgot about the main attraction and we went down the steep slope. Then I was browsing the broshure to find the resson for it to be listed on UNESCO and thats when we realised we forgot about it. And then, we had to head up again… He is so healthy omg, i am always walking behind him.


Ok so this 800 yen ticket gets you into two temples. The one that houses the Konjiki-do and another area. The thing is I lost my ticket while watching some video about the Konkiji-do… And good thing i had this picture to show them. But she let me in again very unwillingly. So, keep your tickets guys. Or, take pictures of all your tickets. 😂

No pictures allowed inside. So, the Konkiji-do is one of the two surviving buildings. It is meant as a jewel box of a building and so it is compact with many buddha statues covered with golden leaf and it also contains the remains of one of the influential leaders of Nothern Fujiwara. It used to be outdoors but now it is kept in air con for preservation.

They will show you a video with a japanese commentary, zooming in all the details of this structure. I was watching it thinking i could try understanding but i couldn’t. So the thing is, i was expecting it to be normal sized because I couldn’t understand anything, so it was quite funny to see it smaller than expected. 

This guy is called Basho. He is a famous haiku poet and his statue is everywhere, especially in hiraizumi. He is pretty interesting because he travelled solo, after he rose to fame in attempt to calm his mind as he was disatisfied and lonely. He also did zen meditation. So, this solo trip of his improved his mood and he made many friends. Apparently this is his most famous Haiku.

furu ike ya / kawazu tobikomu / mizu no oto
an ancient pond / a frog jumps in / the splash of water [1686]

  This was the former shelter house of the Konjiki-do. I am a bit confused with whether this is the holding house while they renovate the former shelter house or is this the actual one. But in any case, it was simple.

So cute, i thought it was interesting that they want to take a class photo outside the temple.     

Thought i might as well take a picture here.    

Then it was off to another temple. Motsu-ji                

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