Day 18 青森-白神山地-盛岡市

Today was an awesome day because it didn’t rain and we covered a very good distance, road trippin’. All in all, we saw three very pretty snow mountains, apple orchards, rice fields, interesting looking forests and the very pretty ocean. I will just provide you with the visuals. 

Oh ya and so breakfast was a pretty cute thing because nothing was opened in the area, we did breakfast covenience store style. 



 And i really enjoy this simplicity and that he was willing to wake up to have breakfast with me. Just very nice of him right?? And he continued to introduce the specialities of Aomori or like, weird japanese food. This mayonaise shellfish thing called hooki is pretty yummy too. It’s damn good idea to eat it with the tamogo or the aomori. Damn shiok. For some reason, he  encouraged me to order more because he thinks it is not enough for me. So i had this onigiri thing too. And the fermented bean thing, which is similar to our tempei, but different.  


Farewell pictures. Takeshi doesn’t like to smile. It’s quite funny when i asked why he doesn’t and he finally broke into a smile. And this side profile thing is his signature. Hahah pretty funny dude. Btw this was like, 6 in the morning. As you can see my eyes are not like morning glories, it can’t open. Yet



Okay road trip starts now!! I feel so blessed to be on this road trip because i Didnt know how to get there on my own and it will require a lot of time to do so. My post just disappeared and I’m lazy to retype. But the road trip has been amazing, the views are great and the pictures doen’t do it justice. 

Neverthless some visuals of the route and in no specific order, dozo.



We got a bit lost but managed to find the place in the end! Route to the Jushino station, drive up a bit more, park and start trekking!   


That’s all for Shirakami Sanji because we are running on a tight schedule. Aoike means green/clear lake and it is only ome of the 33 lakes in the Juniko lakes area. It is ironic becuase it means 12 lakes but perhaps, 12 mains lakes. Also, this area is listed as one of the World’s heritage side and it contains one of the asia’s few beech forest and preserved as much as possible. 

Next up, we headed to Morioka for Wanko Soba!!! Ikemoto is damn nice :’) I said it is okay if we don’t go because I was very happy we fit Shirakami Sanji into our plans. (Really out of the way) But he was like, let’s go since you really want to try it. 

So we went to the flagship store as suggested by the guidebook which is opposite the train station! We didn’t eat for the entire day by the way and this is our only meal.   



I was very determined to beat Jin’s record of 126. I was honestly super full at 111 bowls and I couldn’t really eat anymore. I stuffed myself hamster style – full cheeks. Not gonna do it again.

It’s quite cute. They will keep serving you soba, bowl by bowl until you put the lid on.They will actually try to put more in your bowl until you do so. So you have to eat non stop until you decide that you are too full. Apparently, they will keep trying to out noodles in your bowl and you must put the lid on before they do so. Once you do, you can’t get anymore refills. And you can’t out the lid on until the bowl is clean.

The idea is that they want to serve freshly made noodles at banquets to the masses and this is supposedly rhe best way.


This dude had 101 bowls in the end. He paid 500 yen more for a different package and you can actually count the bowls physically. We were using matchsticks to count the bowls.

This guy ate 101 in the end  

The person serving will actually say Jamjam, dondon and gambatte as they serve each bowl.


I just love participating in eating challenges for fun. I think my appetite shrank after I lost weight. The female record is 570 bowls and the male record is 500 bowls….

So, my 130 is nothing…


Wrote this entry in a hurry. Tonight, i’m staying in a hotel for the first time this trip (A BED AT LAST ) And we got separate rooms because it is inappropriate to share one room. He so nice :’) And he showed me all his photos for his trip so far. He really covered a great distance with his car in Hokkaido and the photos were amazing!! Btw, to load is card on the ship, he had to spend 10 times more than me. And road taxes were expensive too! Like, almost 32 dollars! But petrol is pretty cheap here.

We left Morioka for Hiraizumi that morning. Morioka is where three great lake meets and is known for three noodles, wanko soba, jajangmen and i frogt the last one, but i guess the other two is closer to chinese/korean food so i wasn’t very keen to try it. And also, they have a cherry blossom tree growing out from a rock that is quite  famous. And the Morioka castle is nearby. 

Ok its 7am now!! Actually woke up to continue typing, shall update this with the background maybe at another time! Shall pack my bags now and be on my way! Good morning everybody xx

3 thoughts on “Day 18 青森-白神山地-盛岡市

  1. your ability to make random friends is amazing! v good! haha. Also my mom is in Tokyo for a month before we fly to Japan u can find her there if you really got nothing to do LOL


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