Day 17 函館-青森

I’m now on my way to Aomori from Hakodate. I did my research and found that Seikan Ferry is the cheapest mode of transport to Aomori from Hakodate, and so I’m in this ferry now. It’s gonna be a four hour long journey and I’m just damn thankful that the sun is up again and I didn’t tale the overnight ferry last night bcos this feels very fugitive … but I’ve decided to do all the hobo stuff for the good experience and #budgetgoals. And also, it was raining all night. If you’re reading this now, it means i’m okay and I made it, but i’ve been having weird ideas about the ferry crashing. Paranoia from no where. 
Couldn’t get out of bed today but I told myself that I should cycle around the city once again. And the sun was up. Hakodate is so fun to cycle around because it is so small. And I decided that I want to visit the church that I wanted to visit yesterday buut couldn’t because it  was raining. And then on my way there, it started to rain again. CRAZY STUFF. The weather is so crazy here, might be even worse than Toyako. Or maybe it is the same. Zzzz

Looks okay right! Then the next moment it started to rain again. Like, it changed at least five times in two hours. I changed my mind about going to the morning market because I think i cannot appreciate seafood and I have nobody to share crabs with. And I think I exhausted my budget for Hakodate. Anyway, there is the DIY donburi at Aomori to look forward to, so i’m done.

So for today’s budget farewell to Hakodate, I had bread with peanut cream as I cycled to that Roman Catholic church. On the way, I made a few stops and it started raining very heavily when i got to the church… 


There is a little flea going on in this building. And because the people were so nice. I bought bread with some kind of japanese bean .. I still couldn’t catch it but the taste is a bit acquired…



Also, i’m not sure who this guy is but everybody seem so excited to take a picture with him and there are little wish plates by the side. 


Some visuals en route.



Finally made it to the Roman Catholic Church, not much really. But apparently the area has a lot of old foreign buildings and all these are in the green book. 21 altogether. Oh wells, just remembered I really wanted to check out the Old Public Hall but the rain was about 8/10 at this point of time and I decided to head back and figure out how to take this ferry. (Not sure why nobody discouraged me to take this ferry when I said I was going to take this instead if the train, maybe it’s not that hobo/abnormal)

   Also, the petals were falling from the sakura tree on my way back so I made some effort to document it. I really like the sight of petals falling. It’s so pretty, perhaps nicer than snow. Maybe this liking came from watching Cardcaptor Sakura hehe. And also, there was this moment in Kyoukai no Kanata when a petal fell and informed the main dude that it was already spring, and so much time went by. :’) I’ve been singing its theme song as I ride my bike.   

 Okay then I finally went back and Chika offered to send me to the nearby bus stop, way ahead of time. Hahaha he is so nice, I like him and my small little room. It is so cosy. I’m starting to learn from this minimal living; perhaps I should stop hoardinig rubbish. One of the good habits I picked up is to undo your actions to keep everything in order. One example will be to make your bed. Once you keep the futon, the room can be kinda multi-purpose. And also, keeping the dishes once you wash them. 

 I was then left stranded at the bus stop because we just missed the bus. And that was when I realised I left my watch back in the hostel. But i didn’t want to go back to get it. So, I lost my bottle and my watch so far. i also lost my new bottlel last night. For some reason, it disappeared when the cab took my bike… Confused. 


I’m very excited for Aomori and I am probably cancelling on Morioka because Aomori has so many scenic things. These, i discovered at the little Korean place yesterday: I was telling them my China plans and they were like, Hokkaido has these too, Aomori has these too. And i was very blown by what they show me of Aomori.  But if I guess if it rains then I am not going to explore these parks, I don’t want to be in the rainnnnmnn. I want to eat like, 100 bowls of Wanko Sobia, it’s a Morioka thing.

Just now, after alighting, I had to do a 10 minute walk in the rain and it was not fun. My umbrella couldn’t take the strong wind. Now i know why there are 100-dollars-umbrellas in Tokyu Hands. You really need them to be of good quality. And thank goodness i bought a raincoat the other day. Kinda regretting the blue checkers though, the pattern is starting to annoy me. 

So I arrived at the ferry terminal, looking damn pathetic and miserable. But hey, i made it. 


   Here’s the Ferry situation. It’s a cargo ship.

 Narrow staircase. I’m really regretting my luggage, 80 percent of it is unccessary once again, when am I going to learn. I guess I tend to overpack when I’m nervous. But I honestly can live with lesser for a longer period of time, also, i have been blessed with the option of doing my laundry every now and then. Maybe I shouldn’t diss it so much. It has also been a chair (at the bus stop), a table (5 mins ago) and now, a leg rest. But still.

Free to sit on carpetted floor. Free to sleep. 


(Okay, time to do some research)

Hi everybody!!! I don’t have wifi for the night so this will be a late entry! And the ferry ride went well. It was quite an experience. There weren’t many people because i guess everybody prefers the train (I heard it goes underwater and i was imagining the view to be like an aquarium, but no. It’s more like endless black. So, yay not missing out there).

Change of plans. So tomorrow, i will be visiting the awesome shirakami sanji that they were being talkng sbout with my new travel buddy I met on the ferry. He was so nice and paitient and he has been doing a road trip in Hokkaido alone for the past two weeks, since golden week because his family members aren’t free. So cool. Initially, he wasn’t going to Shirakami Sanji but in a twist of a moment, he said let’s go together, HOW EXCITING

But tonight we went separate ways as he fetched me to Higashi station, where i was meeting my host, Takeshi, And yay, it all turned out well. We went to a local izakaya for dinner and we made friends again yet again! People here are so friendly omg, so cute. Lovin’ it. Their family has three kids and the oldest child was learning english so they took interest in our conversation.


The funniest part was when they made references to doremon, matching each member to a character and the grandfather was Doremon. It was even funnier when they pointed out that he always has a waist pouch. HAHAHA hilarious, 
They also taught me some Aomori dialect which is so cool because it sounds completely different. 

Sodesuka = da-bey

Watashi = wa

Anata = na

And the doremon grandfather went on to teach me body parts!

Then, they also made me read some kanji when i realised Tok exist in japanese kanji and it is pronounced as takk. And it really means table. Cool? 

 Then next, when were about to leave, we made friends with the next table because the dude was slightly drunk. So funny because the conversation went in circles. Half the time we were permutating the way we can say good in japanese, but it was fun too, and i tried his apple sour, a popular aomori drink that taste like apple soda.

Oh ya about aomori specialty! Miso hotate yaki is damn yummy! It’s like hotate with miso and tofu, grilled. And we tried some raw squid, which is quite an acquired taste, 

So all in all everything turned out well and Takeshi suggested breakfast tomorrow before I set off for shirakami sanji at 6am so it is time to go to bed. Goodnight xx

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