Day 16 函館

So I’m currently stranded at the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse for my Day Two in Hakodate, quite a good place to be stranded because ther is quite a lot to look at. But i’m kinda waiting for the rain to stop so I can go visit the Church. Maybe I shoud just go ahead before the sunsets. And do lucky perriot again. But i’m kinda feeling it for sushi because they say that the sushi is better here. Mmmmm

Anyway, so this morning with about 3 hours of sleep, I got up to go to the morning market again for my seafood!! I had this donburi which wasn’t fantastic so i’m gonna spend more money and go for a better one tomorrow. 

Also, i decided to be more adventurous and go for the sea urchin which was still moving when it was on my plate. I guess it is not really my thing. Seafood in general maybe? But i love the hotate. It was so good. I could order the crab because… It’s too big for one per person.


Oh. Apparently for the hotate, you shouldnt eat the black part. But i ate it and i am fine.

Squipd fishing is also a thing here. But i decided it’s not really my thing and i should stop doing all things that are things. So instead, i got a yummy squid stick, which taste pretty much like a crab/fish stick.

Also, i made new friends again!! 🙂 they are so funny because he is american and she is chinese so she likes all the weird moving things and he does’t so he made faces when she wanna have another round. Anddd they are getting married this year!! Haha so exciting if we can meet again in china.

It’s funny how the Japanese have beer with breakfast. Beer, anytime anywhere. O K

Then, i just cycled in the opposite direction and ended up here. 

Ok i’m back!!! Today was a fun day despite the rain! I’m liking how I manage to make new friends everyday. However, it’s really difficult to remember all these japanese names and they have such unique japanese names… 

So anyway, Kane stands for money and Mori was something to do with his hometown. I can’t remembeer but there was something about being transparent with the money, which is important for a trading port. I was more interested in the different brickwork method. The warehouse uses a british method which is more coherent with one line of long bricks and short bricks. The bay area uses the french method which alternates between long and short bricks. Think checkered. This older method is more elegant, however the newer british method will be stronger and more robust.

The red brickhouses are pretty fun, there are a lot of souvenir shops, plenty to eat and drink and there is lucky perriot once again. There are different sections and I just went through them all. There is also a Hakodate beer museum! 


And then i decided i need some cake on a rainy day like this and I saw Snaffles. 

After hopeless hoping for the rain to stop, it didn’t. Inwas getting hungry and Lucky Perriot was just next door and so I had Oyakodon. It was the best Oyakodon ever. I am really liking this place.

   Idk why i think it is important to take photos with my food today but whatever goes.


There was also this at the end of the trail. I just didn’t go check it out but it looks cute.

The rain is really quite mood dampening. It was super cold and dampy for the ride back. And so i was cycling past this sushi shop amd i thought, okay! It should be good. Originally i wanted to check out Kantaro, which always came up when I asked around for good food. But it was raining and I just didnt want to cycle in the rain anymore. 


Interestingly, the sushi chef is female. I remembered my friend saying that sushi chef is an exclusively male job in Jaoan but i guess things have changed,

And i made new friends once again. Hahaha they are a pretty cute bunch and they always try to use google translate before talking to me. But eventually we just use a lot of body language and i took out my imiwa app to check whatever they were saying. 

   And it turns out that sushi was only pre-dinner and they wanted to eat somemore. But before eating, they wanted to go drink, somehow we ended up at this cosy small korean cafe/bar place. Not sure if they were friends or they been here buefore, i forgot to ask. So we digressed and didnt go to the diamond place.


They didnt have Sapporo and Asashi so I guess it is Corona tonight. 

Next we decided that we need to go have burgers.  Ok now i am cinvinced that the lucky egg burger is the best despite this chinese chicken burger being ranked as the most popular. 




Not sure what is the theme if this outlet but i’m now very sold to Lucky Perriot. It is so yummy. It’s probably like California’s in and outs. Good stuff. 

Okay, amd the rain seriously just never stopped and it is still raining as i type this. I would have been happy to check our the bar yesterday 😦 anyway, my nice new friends decided to send me and my bicycle home and i didn’t know you can do that. Initially, i thought they wanted to walk me to my bicycle. Awwww :’)

Also, i like how they carry big white umbrellas. It’s quite shiok.  Ok gotta crash. Goodnight xx 


11 thoughts on “Day 16 函館

    1. Thanks amy!! Hope you are too, preparing for your big day!!! Hahaha it was really damn random when they suddenly carried my bag because i didnt understand it at first.


  1. omg!! there is this famous shop in hakodate where i had crab/uni/ikura rice bowl so good!! but i dont know the name sorry 😦


    1. Hahaha its okkay! I left Hakodate!! Let me know the must tries if you remember!!! 🙂 So difficult planning on the go but i tried to eat the general must tries of the city!


  2. “Beer, anytime anywhere. O K” I LIKE!

    haha this is how i will remember you and this trip: tok goes to japan, writes her blog and meet new friends daily.


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