Day 15 函館

Hi everybody! It’s getting difficult to blog everyday as i’m now on the go and moving through places more quickly than before. I’m still planning the trip as i go along but i do have a rough idea of where i want to go and what transport to take but nothing is pre-booked at the moment. So, blogging is sincerely hard work and i’m typing this at 5.53AM on the japanese watch because i’m not tired for some reason and i hate to handle the backlog. Also, my phone has too many photos and i guess I can’t do vlogs at all because this is time consuming enough. だめだ。But it has been very encouraging receiving good comments about this space! Thank you everybody for reading. I’m glad you like it and to know that there are people reading this space.

Updates about the current plan, i decided to stay in Hakodate for one more day! I’m not sure why i previously planned it to be an one day trip. I guess I had fun and i can leave after i check out the morning market but them again, i thought Hakodate might be fun. And i still haven’t slept in my paid room….

Also, i learnt something today, it’s important not to have expectations of other people. For example, you cannot exoect everybody to be friendly. On the flipside, if you want something, just go ahead and do it. Do not waste too much time pondering. It’s like… fishing for something without a rod. 

(Edit: I feel alseep shortly after typing this post and I will update later!)

Quick update about yesterday. So, i had my last breakfast with Eriko and I took two buses to the train station and two trains to get to Hakodate, this took about 5 hours with some waiting time in the middle. I think I really like long train rides. It just feels so good to do nothing and to look out of the window and all. I’m going to drop some details bcos the visuals are fairly literal – I ate these things. Ok, i ate a lot on the train because I was bored. 



Hello Oshamambe!! This place is a crab town and so their mascot is this mambemon thingy. It’s bascially just a rest stop for most people and they know it. They have broshures for where to get good lunch within walking distance from the train station and i gathered that people often get the bento yaki soba nearest to the station. And, they are good for their crab… 

After eating so many random snacks, i decidd that I wanted an apple and this apple is hugeeeee, it’s a 5 dollar apples and it did wonders to my bowels that night. I guess i havent been eating enough dietary fibre. 

  Pretty quiet town we have here. There are some stuff to do, like the usual trekking and onsen stuff. 

 Okay so i spent my transit dragging my luggage around town. Nothing much really. Yay train is here    

There are two types of trains, or maybe three: limited express train and local train. The difference is the number of stops, prices and journey duration. So anyway, i took the local train thats why there is this lame transit. To save 2000 yen. Yay which i spent on beer last night. 

Hello Hakodate!!

 Oh ya I met a strange dude on the train who stared at me and sat with me for 5 minutes to stare at me and moved away when i politely cleared some space for him. He then came up to me at the end of the trip to ask where am i from, in this super stunned manner. Then, walked away. Abrupt. And i was like, ok we can’t be friends then. Hehe it is warm here! Back to one layer ^^ 

Bcos the hostel dude, Chika, can only pick me up at 3pm. I had another 1.5 hours to spend walking around. And i decided to hunt for my donburi in the morning market. Eventually i gave up because I was still feeling kinda full…. And the morning market was closing, it was all closed by 2pm. More about that in tomorrow’s post. Hakodate is know for squids!

Kani-buns!! It taste average according to me. Maybe the bun is getting in the way of the taste or something. 


 And yay!!! I kinda like it here. It’s a very old traditional Japanese house and I got a very small room by the counter, just enough space for my luggage and futon. Lovin’ the heater in my room too. Finally. A heater. And it is damn effective when your room is so small.


Chika is so nice, he told me all about the attractions and gave me a brief introduction to Hakodate’s background. Hakodate is a port town and was quite significant in the Boshin war, the fight between the emperor (meiji) and the samurais (tokugawa  shogunate). The shogunate rebel fled to Hakodate and occupied the famous star garden, Goryokaku!! Kinda peaked my interest so I went to read up and it’s a bit too much information so this is the highlight. Also, Hakodate is the first port that opened up to foreign trade. Sounds like Singapore. 


 I cant keep up with editing the photos so here is some nofilter photos at golden hour.

So after resting and experiencing serious inertia at the guest house, i got on a bike and cycled to the place of interest. Also, he added that the star was a strategic shape to confused the enemies and the moot around it is very deep. It’s just so cute thinking that Japanese makes everything cute. A serious fort looks like a star, broing towns have lame looking mascots. Reminds me of how our mount faber has this lame looking mascot, ok i guess we try too, but…no.

So because i’m damn interested in looking at the star-shaped garden, i paid some 840 yen without hesistation to have a birds eye view over the sunset.


This picture is very serious, it is depicting my need for company and i’m happy to find someone in this observatory tower. Somehow it really looks like a familiar traffic control tower… Maybe i’m homesick, I’m not sure what’s with the influx of reference to home.   

But anyway, it’s always fun alone.   




Must make my money worth. Share romantic moment with you guys. I then decided i need ice cream. I’m having ice cream almost everyday. Anyway, this is the limited edition sakura flavoured soft serve and it is awesome. I was a bit skeptical at first but it turned out good and i like it. I can’t explain the taste but it’s nothing like rose, somewhat close to lavender and tea i would say. Rose flavoured stuff, me no like.



I think this place has no mascot, most of the sovenirs are of the guy who opened the port i think.  
 Random: these rain dolls are so cute. Tera tera bozus. You hang them at the window to pray for good weather.


Then i went to cycle in the actual goryokaku park and i was quite fixated on the pretty cherry blossoms and the sunset. Also, i’m too tired to read about the place, but one of the buildings here are the last originals from that time. And the structures here look pretty cool. 


Hehe if only these sakuras can last for a longer time, i love them!!!!! Sakuras and dandelions are my favourite things, 

  For flowers and i love pretty skies and sunsets. So i’m having quite a moment here despite ignoring the significant structures. It’s kinda closed anyway. I was too late. 


I got out pretty late and i was the last to leave. I remebered the sign saying something about it closing at 7pm and i was like, oh shit time to go and i got kinda lost. Thank god there was a garden keeper with a loud hailing checking if everybody is out before he locks the gate. One man show. I guess you can hide from him and camp inside. Not creepy at all.


 I really enjoy riding around town. Oh ya and there were many lanterns at one corner of the park, probably in light of ohanami and i was so so jealous. I just really hope someone could invite me to their little party and i can have fun with them too. But them i didn’t want to bother them and dull their mood with my limited japanese ability… Okay, i’m gonna bring this situation back too, love it. 


Honestly i was quite upset, so i tried to cheer myself up with the famous Hakodate’s shio Ramen and Asaji, is one of the more popular stores selling this ramen, according to Chika. Mmm, i prefer other broths. It reminds me of a saltier version of…fishball noodles? 

I guess my jealousy made me very unsatisfied and so i went next door to get my second meal. Lucky perriot is Hakodate’s version of Macdonalds and they sell everything, from curry rice to spagetti and soft serves. And this is a Hakodate-only thing. Turning on my rouristy instincts here!  And there are different themes for each outlet, ranging from clowns to audrey hepburn. This one is angel themed.   
I met this bunch of Singaporeans there and i joined them for a while. This picture wasn’t intended. It’s quite nice meeting people from back home and get their opinion on the place. And i guess i am really restless for today’s lonely day. 


I ordered this yummy Luck Egg Burger. Damm nice. It’s probably thier version of Ramly, but better. I feel like having it again. Even the bun is so yummy. GOOD STUFF. Burgers in Japan? Yes. So far i haven’t really had anything twice, except maybe ice cream.
Okay, and then I went into a cute looking wooden pub on back because i think i needed a drink. And… It was fun. I made a lot of friends and everybody is damn nice and curious about Singapore. It went on for the whole night from maybe about 9 plus to 5 in the morning. I went home with the sky damn bright. 

Interesting how the night turned out. I guess it’s important to not be passive when it comes to having fun. Just approach whoever you want and start talking. I mean, if you are like me, always doing small talk with anybody ha ha ha. So cute eventually everybody came in alone and sat by the bar. 

  We then decided then we need Yakitori and so they called delivery. 

We went to another bar because my new friend wanted to vist his senior’s bar. This bar is about twelve year old and the previous one is about two years old.


The owner of the bar gave me a water bottle because he thinks my bottle is pathetic. I lost my actual bottle in Jozankei… 

And I also learnt how to play darts a bit better.

And so thats how i caught the sunrise and sunset in the span of twenty four hours. 


The cute thing is even at 5am, there were new people talking in and these people are not very young. Also, i am getting validated by Japanese that I look Japanese until I start speaking. Ha ha ha the bangs are working, 

2 thoughts on “Day 15 函館

  1. Yes i love your blog! continue doing it! Haha your first pose at the tower is damm funny!

    Sounds like you did a jap pub crawl and omg yes to darts!!


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