Day 14 洞爺湖-函館

I think some pictures are missing. Mehz. Fix it later.

Hihi blogging from the train from the local train from Oshamambe to Hakodate now! I transited at this little town from Toya to save 20 dollars. I must say I am really penny wise pound foolish, at times but I like long train rides anyway, to take things slow. 

Shall start with my day yesterday. It’s so memorable and everything looked so pretty and postcard worthy. The weather, however, is crazy erratic. At one point, i was so convinced that it was going to rain because of the cloudy skies. And then these clouds became dark clouds and the sun came out. Confused sky. I guess the lake and the volvano kinda buffers the weather a little, not sure how that works. But this area is indeed very cold.  

So here’s breakfast with biscuits from Mauritus, gifts from her previous guest. I must say it quite interesting hosting people from all around the world to learn more about the outside world and i will want to try it one day when i have my own place and when i’m sick of travelling. I am now convinced that I can settle for a nomadic lifestyle. Travel the world seems to be an really appealing achievement in life for me. 

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to travel solo and fufilling my childhood goal of speaking japanese in japan. Still feels kinda surreal that it actually happened. I really need to improve my japanese though. I just had a conversation with a nice old lady, who stays in Yukumo, and i have to use the imiwa app to translate some vocab. 頑張ってだよ。

Anyway, here’s Mariko using assited chopsticks which i find so cute. Chopsticks = Hashi

The day started with us picking up Bart, from Poland to join us in the annual community gathering by Lake Toya. Barbeque in light of Ohanami, which I am so happy about. I am lovin’ the picnicking culture here in Japan. Just seems so good to chill by outdoors and bask in the beautiful scenery, and cherry blossoms. I’m bringing this habit back, i hope. 

Then again, from my previous experience picnicking in Singapore. It is always interrupted by animals: birds shit on your new picnic mat, monkeys try to steal your food. And the sun is so hot… Ok we will see. 

Okay so for today’s lunch menu. 

We have Jinjisukan (Genkhis Khan, remember?)

Ika (squid)

Hokkei (looks like Saba fish, very yummy). And chicken wings  

Yaki Soba with loads of onions and veggie.

Me likely. And here is my super clear, Sapporo beer. 


I’m not sure why but I’m super cold today and so the nice lady lent me her throwover. Aww so nice, why are people here so nice!!! 

Them kids so cute. Idk if it is apparent but i’m starting to think in jap.

Here’s our group picture. They are damn amused by the selfie stick.


Oh ya so this is my attempt to show you how clear the lake is. The weather is still kinda crazy. I saw a broshure on Lake Toya and their tagline is “We live on an ever changing world”. I guess it’s because of the volcano and poossible tsunamis and all. Can’t wait to show you my picture of the craters later.



 Then, we visted the neighbouring bakery near the Mizu no Eki bus stop ans it is so nicely done. I like it. This is where the bread we had for lunch is from! 🙂 


Still envious of the farming culture.



Also, we met this biker who biked all the way from a southern part of Japan with limited Japanese ability, i forgot where and it’s been two months. Camping too. Sounds like an amazing idea and i’m going to try it one day.   

Hehe check out the cute baby! ^^

Next up, Nakashima Island. I guess it literally means island in the middle. Kinda mystical having an island in the middle of the lake, don’t you think! It makes the lake more iconic too. It somehow reminds me of loque nest monster.   We took this disneyland castle like ship for 1200 yen round trip.




 Quite pretty i think.   

  There was this trekking trail too. We didn’t go all the way. 

 Here is Mariko picking up branches and being slightly paranoid that bears are going to jump out. Supposedly there are wild deers too but i didnt see any


Hahah there are so many if these trees and i think they look the same somehow, judging the tree barks. Then Bart pointed out the the lesves are different. And, they are very different. 

Sometimes, i’m kinda embarrased by my ignorance to nature and seasons. I feel like i ask so many stupid questions all the time. But oh well, thats what traveling is about right. Learning journey. Like yay, i recognise flowering apple trees now! To think my dad owns a garden.

Next up, Mount Showa Shinzan! This rare volcanic type is called “Belonite” and it is reddish brown with a unique pyramid peak. Apparently,it is still smoking but i didnt see it. It formed seven craters and made the area an egg shaped plateau. And this is intensively studied by this guy called Mimatsu.    


Hahah i guess the random volcanoes and all makes the soil in Hokkaido more fertile and that is why everything here is bigger, like apples are huge and crows are scarily big. 

My ice cream for the day. 


Next, we went to the nishiyama crater trail and this is a really good choice. Not only do we get to see the town from a very picturesque birds eye view, we also get a good glimsque of the craters. This is my first time visting volcanic sites and i wish i could remember more from my geography class. It looks so cool. It reminds me of Stardust, when she created the crater during her fall.




 After that, Bart went back to Sapporo and we caught the sunset on the way back. The ocean doesnt look as pretty as the lake. So +10 points to the lake!


We decided to do an onsen because everybody is too cold to shower ad we stink from the bbq to skip showers. We went to a neighbouring onsen that is owned by the town called Iko-Ino-ye and it costs the same. However the sun has set so there was no view and it was much smaller. 

So i am now appreciating onsens for its real function – hygeine and warmth. I was really shivering the whole day and I was like, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh for almost 5 minutes. Shiokzz. 

It was such a great day, i love it!!!! It ended with a nice long chat with Eriko over some sweets and hot chocolate ^^ and that is the last of my time at the beautiful Toyako. Come to think of it, Hallstatt was also about a huge lake. I think i’m liking these lake towns.

P.S. I was so tired after everything and i had to research on Hakodate and all. And so, the late entry. Nap time now.


11 thoughts on “Day 14 洞爺湖-函館

    1. Hahah that depends! But, english usually! Wah i spent one whole night speaking japanese to them japanese and it was so difficult. We keep using translators.


      1. Yes yes! Anyway those Japanese gateways! Apparently they are called torii if wiki isn’t trolling me


  1. haha the lake and volcano reminds me of our geography in jc!

    wah the biking trip sounds cool! i wanted to that too in tw! maybe someday!

    i have been busy, but i gotta read em all!


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