Day 13 洞爺湖

I’m so envious of the life here in Toyako. Besides having an active volcano that is gonna erupt pretty soon, life here seem so awesome. It’s so nice to stay near a huge lake like, Lake Toya. 

Lake Toya, was initially called kim’unto by the Ainu, which means “mountain in the lake”. It was later renamed as Toya, which means lakeland. This huge lake was a result of some eruption 100 years ago. It is the second most transparent lake in Japan and the northernmost lake that never ice. I’m summarising from wikipedia again. 

I’m gonna be staying here for two days with my host and her daughter. So guess who woke me up and draw up the curtains today?


It’s nice to wake up to nice weather, blue skies and all, after a night of rain. 


So my host has ballet lessons with her daughter, all the way at the other side of the lake. And so i tagged along. So that’s 40 minutes road trip around the lake and i’m lovin’ the view. The island in the lake is called Nakano-shima, and i will tell you more about after i’ve been there. But anyway, this view is quite iconic.


So here’s Maiko getting dressed for ballet. Oh, how i miss ballet. 

So, this brings us to the Date-shi, pronounced as Da-tey. It got its name from the Date clan.


Ok, to summarise the next few photos. We went shopping and grocery shopping while waiting for her to be done with her class. And these are the stuff i feel like buying but didn’t.



I was quite thirsty  and i left my bottle at Jonkansei so i decided to buy a bottle for water. I was gonna be boring and buy calpis again but then i changed my mind. This is some jelly drink, nubbad.

Next, we did a little hanami lunch under a cherry blossom tree at the nearby park. 

 Quite cute right? We found a nice cherry blossom tree for our little picnic. I’m just so envious that this is part of their weekly routine!! Everything here is so scenic and serene and i’m really liking the vibe of everything. I really like how everything we got can be accounted for. For example, the bread for the sandwich is from a neighbourhood bakery which bakes their own bread, and the water we drink is from a lake up in the mountains. Feels so nice. 


Then it was time for my host’s ballet lesson and i was left to do babysitting for the next two hours, it’s really difficult with my limited japanese. And i was so exhausted trying to explain what I want from her that i gave up exploring the nearby farmer’s market and museum.


 I think we have something in common. We are always eating. 

So we just hung out at the kids room. Quite a lot of parents bring their kids here for a while.  So i guess i was child-watching as they run around. 

Then it rained. So we couldn’t go out. It was also very very very cold.

I really like how big and fluffy these dandelions are!! I really love dandelions. I found out that they are called Tanpopo and i was like, ohhhhhh thats what that ramen shop in singapore is named after


So then the weather was perfect for Onsen!!! This was their favorite place for Onsen. We get a very good view of the lake from the 8th floor and there was this little balcony bath outside. It’s really quite a breathtaking view.And  yknow, since i’m not alone now, i cannot do embarrassing things like, taking selfies and pictures of onsens. So i got this picture from the website. 

Anyway, the place is called Toyako Manseikaku Hotel Lakeside Terrace. The hotel is of historic japanese style and is known as one of the oldest onsen facilities in Toyako Onsen and has been visited by the Japanese Emperor and other royalty. Hahaha sounds good huh. I guess staying in the hotel will be even cooler. Imagine waking up to such a view.

Also i realised that the people here actually do onsen pretty often because it is cold and so they dont really shower at home. I’m just super envious of the life here. Also, i’m getting used to the onsen culture-being naked. I guess I’m now more okay with the idea of visiting that naked town in France.


Feeling damn shiok after the onsen, we decided to call it a day early. And here’s dinner. Note the trend of lettuce/salad.


And the night ended with us watching anime, Yokai Watch. But her bedtime is at eight thirty so i guess i have to wait for her to continue watching this. 

Oh ya forgot to blog about this yesterday but i spent almost 10 minutes looking for the switch when i realised the light has a remote control. Wow. Ok goodnight xx 


P.S. I guess typos are inevitable bcos blogging as i go, sorry in advance! 

8 thoughts on “Day 13 洞爺湖

  1. Are you on a diet? Everything seems pretty #eatclean!
    Curious though, will we get to see how transparent the lake is?


    1. Hahaha i wish! Did you not notice i had ice cream for lunch the past few days 😅😅 and i snack from time to time. Lol idk maybe if i can a good picture of it then, yes!


      1. Lol yeah! That’s why this post like all the healthy food of veggies and all! Suddenly no eggs? Much contrast😁


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