Day 12 札幌ー洞爺湖

Hi everybody!!! I’m now blogging from the outskirts of Sapporo, Toyako which is a town in Abuta district, subprefrecture of Hokkaido, Japan. And the objective of my stay here is the beautiful Lake Toya, more details about that when i actually see it.

So I had my last moments with the kids and i was quite sad to tell them that it was my last time seeing them. Everybody I met have been so nice to me :’) Gonna miss being in this house. I really wouldnt mind staying for a longer period of time. And since it’s friday, we brought the presechool kids to the park again!  



They were crazy energetic that they doubled the time they were supposed to stay there. And i kept asking them to go back but they were acting cute and all. So much so that i permutated the many ways i could say go back in japanese. 帰らなきゃ、いま!いま!いま!

And when they saw this dog, they shouted 可愛い犬(cute dog) across the playground and all them gathered to pet this cute little dog. Super cute. 


Today’s lunch, oyakodon! I am not sure if i should be worried about having too many eggs… But that’s just anp myth right. Eggs contain dietary cholestrol which helps reduce the bad cholestrol, it is also a good source of lean protein, vitamins and all. And it’s also help decrease memory loss.. Yada yada im just trying to rationalise here ok moving on. Also, i’m lovin’ the abundance of onions. 


And then it was lunch time and its nice to see the same children after a week. This kid just wont let me clean his mouth, he was like, “no clean, no tissue”. (Bcos they have to speak english when they are here)


So here are some farewell pictures! Here is Laura. (It’s funny how we settled for this super awkward photo.) I like how she has always been so enthusiastic and entertaining when teaching. 


And here is Yumiko! She gave me a lift to the subway so i can make it in time for the bus to Toyako. Gonna miss the cute kids, the good food and all the nice people at sapporo. Can’t imagine the next few weeks being on the go all the time; these two weeks might be the longest period im staying in one place. 


And so… the adventure begins!  Again  

And so, i decided to get some dinner while at Sapporo station being extremely confident that there will be nothing wrong with my ticket. 

I saw this strawberry mochi thing at the food hall at the basement of the ESTA building and i’m like, yes ok buy. Ichigoichi, literally (because… ichigo means strabwery and ichi means one and it also means 一期一会 right). 220円, i think.


So, i had a go at the sample buffet thing again. #backpackerstyle. Also, because i cant decide on what to eat. 


Decided that this picture is neccessary. Snapchat makes the camwhore out of you, yada yada.


Ok so i decided to go to the bus stop just 15 minutes before and it worked out fine. So my ticket cost 2570円 and my host has helped me make an advance reservation. Lucky she did bcos I later found out that it was neccesaary to make a reservation to board the bus. (Update: then again. It is just recommended to do so)

Btw random bus fact, you pay at the end of the bus ride. And you usually board from the middle of the bus and alight from the front if there are two doors, esp for public transport.


I bought this very yummy earl grey bread to munch on while in the queue. I guess the cold weather is making me very hungry and also cause the bakery looked very exciting, bustling with people and all. 


Scenery on the bus actually looked damn good. Despite the sky being quite morbid looking, there are lots of interesting trees, mountains, mt fuji lookalikes, farmhouses and random ice blocks that hasnt melted. Also, the sunset looked amazing but since the i can’t take a good picture of it, i didnt.

And yes, i made a new friend again and we are of the same age!! She’s from Taiwan and so we had a very good conversation in Chinese about so many things. (I realised i cant speak to Japanese at this level because of the language bottleneck; i need to study harder.) Anywayhe is doing a working holiday for one year and she cleared all 5 levels of JLPT. So inspired. 

Then It started raining and there was lightning and all. She told me that thunder is 雷 (かみなり kaminari) which can also as 神鳴り, the sound of god. Pretty cool huh. Anyway, it was really scary when it is raining and you are rounding mountains and all. It’s like you can drop off anytime. It feels like…. the end.


Ok i guess here is a glimpse of the sunset. It was really very pretty. Morbid genre kinda sky though.  

 Dinner was this avocado, potato salad with edaname and teriyaki chicken. Yep, manage to decide in the end.


But anyway, i made it, the rain stopped eventually and the host picked me up from the bus stop. Usually only one person alights from one stop and so i was afraid to get the wrong stop even though the bus is very punctual. When they say you arrive at 1929, you arrive at that time, on the dot. But anyway, i decided to ask the people sitting infront so i randomlt sat next to an old lady who looked so intimidated and all. She just starred at me blankly when I checked the next stop with her, and so did the other woman and another seat. But later, i realised she just didnt know what to say and she’s so cute when i told her my japanese wasn’t good. And she was like, it’s goood. Yay!!

So my host made me hot chocolate. And we had stroopwaffles from her previous guest from netherlands! Hehe i quite like her because she is going for ballet lessons tomorrow and she also does yoga. 

 So here is my new bed and she gave me two blankets, in case i’m cold. So nice :’)Ok yay great!!  I’m excited for tomorrow because i think we are going to do onsen again!!! Oyasumi xx 

 Yea product of snapchat: me reporting safe. Idk if you want to add me. It’s kinda narcisstic and it doubles as my mirror. And… mood dependant. 

10 thoughts on “Day 12 札幌ー洞爺湖

  1. Hahaha somehow Japan has that effect on people – can never decide what to eat because everything looks so good!


  2. I can barely get by in Japan with my level of Japanese. I think the main problem is vocab.

    Regardless, it seems you’re having fun. I’m so jealous! ><


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