Day 11 札幌

Wow. I’m actually amused with my perseverance to blog everyday and it made it past 10 days. Amazing, I guess it’s been quite some time here in Japan and 10 is typically a good time frame for a short getaway. Oh and I only realised this morning that I was supposed to leave Sapporo only tomorrow and so yay!!! One more night here. I actually really like it here and I guess I’m gonna miss it. I think Sapporo might be the only place that I’m sticking around for so long. Wells, my plans are still flexible, kinda. 

So it felt great having something planned for the day, teaching little kids English again and I’m starting to get used to starting my day with breakfast and some spring cleaning everyday. Maybe my dad will be happy if I can bring this habit back to Singapore. 

This kid is so cute and he is only two years old. His eyelashes are so pretty. Also, idk why it’s extremely joy inducing when kids can say words properly, like Blue or Elephant. Somehow every kid can say Apple so that’s not very exciting.

 So after that I had a conversation with an older Japanese lady and she introduced her friend’s kimono shop to me called, Mamegura. It’s nice because it is a shop that sells cheaper kimono, maybe because it’s pre-loved. So I excitedly rushed there after lunch to find that it was still on break…  残念ね.  


 And I guess because you always want what you can’t get, I’m now convinced that I’m going to buy a kimono and wear it in Kyoto, Kyoto especially so I can fit in. I always wanted one anyway.

Okay so more craft time, I had to prepare a lesson on how to make slippers for the kids and since my host said, “make cute”… I added ribbons to it.


I will just spare you the details. It’s so cute when they are done ^^   

And also, I was very happy to see my favorite kid again!! She is super adorable omg. And she made slippers too! So cute she said she likes pigs. 


Today they had a lesson on whether they think a thing will sink and float and they all got so excited when they are right!!


So sad I told her that this it going to be my last time seeing her and she pouted and gave me a hug. Awwww, I wonder how she will be like when she grows up. It will be nice to know. :’)


Today wasn’t very exciting except the part when the kids went crazy playing with the balls.


And the day ended with playing monopoly and a long chat with Aura over dinner. 

Speaking of food. Here are my 3 meals. I’m so used to taking pictures of whatever I eat.  

DIY eggs and toast for breakfast, the usual.


 Curry rice for lunch. Was damn happy to have curry rice today! 🙂 so I had seconds.  
And dinner was so good. The vegetables are so fresh. Yumiko said that they were from Biei, which is known for their vegetables and it is organic. Somehow such information always make the food taste better. And supper yummier croquettes and bean curd! I think I’m going to miss her cooking! 😫


Alrighties time to pack my bags up for real. Goodnight xx

P.S. I did update the previous day by a little bit! 

13 thoughts on “Day 11 札幌

  1. こんにちは!北海道の天気はどう?寒い?今春は終わるから、あたたかいなると思います。

    Haha, I think that’s enough Japanese for one comment. I’m surprise they let you take pictures of the children! When I went to a child care center in Akita, they were quite strict on taking photographs We were allowed to take a few in the end, but we were also told not to post any pictures of the publicly. Apparently, they were concern with children photographs spending online, making them potential targets for kidnapping or something. (I’m not kidding here)


    1. Huh are you serious? Anyway, i asked their parents… Uh oh. 読むすることができるから、本当楽しいです!今、北海道は寒いよ、いつもいい天気ね。でも、今週の月曜日は雨が降りました。


  2. Penny! This all looks amazing! And you’re a really good blogger btw. Just sayin’. Was the jap curry good, cos it looked like it would bring me to my knees


    1. Hahaha really!!! Yay thank you 🙂 Hahah for this curry, i guess you can get the same curry from Coco Ichiban in Singapore, it is not toooo different. There is greater variety here though!


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