Day 10 定山渓温泉

Yay went to the onsen today! So I decided to go to Jozankei instead of Nooboribetsu because it’s nearer and more economical for a day trip. 

Jozankei got his name from a Japanese monk named Miizumi Jozankei, who discovered this hot spring during the Meji restoration. He moved there to help the sick and injured and made roads for this area and so it became famous. 

There are three Onsens in this area, Jozankei, Koganeyu and Hoheikyo. I didn’t really do my research before going so I was quite fixed on going to Jozankei. Also, when you have limited Japanese ability.. you tend to say the same things repeatedly. But the other areas are fun too. I think I would have gone to Hoheikyo Onsen because it’s also known as Beautifying Sping, Bijin-no-Yi. And there is a orchard to pick fruits. Koganeyu have a Ainu museum which might have been interesting! 

Anyway, so moving on to what I actually did today. So once again, I cycled to the Sapporo station. I guess this is going to be the last day cycling in Sapporo because I’m leaving tomorrow. Its sad because I’m starting to get used to the city. (Update: I got the days wrong and I have one more day in Sapporo!)

The only preparation I done for today’s day trip is checking for bus timings for the bus bound for Jonzankei, which was at 11. So I panicked when I got there at 1045 when I remembered by housemate telling me about how there are many forbidden parking spaces around Sapporo station and I should park my bike at the designated parking space for bikes, which cost 100 yen per day.

But people still parked as though they can’t read. 


Okay it’s not too bad. Not too far from the station. Kinda amusing having bicycle parking. It’s good from 0945 to 2030.


Got the 1800円 round ticket which includes access to any onsen. 


I’m getting good at these lame shots. HAHA

Okay so I asked the people on the bus for a good onsen and they recommended View Hotel, which is not too bad. I realised they don’t really check you for tickets so I guess you can really just walk in, backpacker style.

I spent a good two hours here. The onsen is great!!! I like just soaking around in different tubs. So head to the basement and you will find the Grand Baths and the Open air baths. I love the open air baths because it has more feel. Quite shiok just staring into nature while at it. Also, there are baths on the 16th floor which is a lot more atas and modern looking. There is an indoor one which provides the view through the glass and an open air bath at the roof. These are a lot smaller.  I made friends at the onsen too but they went to play at the Lagoon (swimming pool) and they alr had lunch so we didn’t hang out 😦

And yea, you can’t take pictures in Onsens. Nobody camwhores when naked. Except me. Ha.


Learning points for Onsen.

  1. Bring your own towel (1 small, 1 big)
  2. Bring make up if you care bout it.
  3. Bring a swimsuit if you wanna play at the lagoon.
  4. You might want to bring you own eggs for onsen eggs
  5. Don’t shave just before going or it’s gonna sting (I read this somewhere)
  6. And maybe eat before going.
  7. Specific to View hotel. If you’re going to view hotel, you can bathe at the 16th floor because it feels more atas there. They provide many products which range from soap to foot cream and many facial products for moisturizer. 

Also, I realised Children’s day was yesterday, not today. But I didn’t get to see it in the city. So anyway, presenting to you Koinobori. 🎏🎏🎏 This is when I realised that this is what Margikarp got its inspiration from: a Chinese legend that a carp swam upstream to become a dragon (?). Black represents father, red represent mother and the last one rep sent the kid. This day is meant to celebrate the happiness of children and gratitude towards mother. I got these from Wikipedia because actually nobody really cares. 


I wouldn’t have left the onsen if I wasn’t hungry. Anyway, this is the handbath featuring kappa, the mascot of this area. I got this thing (Manjyou) to eat because it was on the tourist broshure. It is filled with red bean. Oh and apparently, Jonzankei is famous for their Indian food… Naan and all, called Onsen Shokudo. But it was a ten minute drive away, so I didn’t go. 

Hand bath featuring Kappa, the mascot of the town. “It is said that if you fill the spring water into the child Kappa’s plate to pay respect to the Kappa’s King, then wash your hands with the water coming out of the Kappa’s mouth and pray after chanting the spell “On-kappa-ya-un-ken-so-wa-ka”, the wish you make will come true.” 



So then, I was thinking of what to eat when I had this eureka moment for ONSEN EGGS. So I went around asking to find that we can buy these eggs from the souvenir shops and cook them at the park. There is also this touristy version.


So the nice shop people told me to cook it for 13 minutes at Jozan Gensen Park.  

So here is my new friend who helped me with the cooking, somehow she could tell if the eggs were cook just by looking. She looks at my eggs then she told her papa to put it back for us. Then she gave me one egg while waiting so I had 4 eggs for lunch, 2 eggs for breakfast and yay, 6 in total. I love eggs. 



Here is her dad who photobombed our picture!  He is holding a bag of onsen eggs! And her mother (at the side) who didn’t join the photo. 




This Futami Tsuribashi Bridge bridge is iconic and so I decided to camwhore with it. Having too much fun on my own HA HA HA.


Back to Sapporo station. The food section at the supermarket was all having great discounts on their food and the line for these food is like an extended version of our usual Japanese section at the supermarket, with great variety. 

  I eventually settled for Taiyaki because it says strawberry for a limited time only. I regretted this quickly because…. I would rather have custard any day. 

 Couldn’t decide on what to have for dinner so I called my new friend for dinner. Last dinner anyway. He brought me to this place called Denji Shokudo, which means electric restaurant. And it’s interetsing because it’s decorated with many clocks and the electric here refers to the genre of music. Sometimes they have gigs at this small place. Omoshiroi.



Hand drawn menu.  

So I just ordered whatever he recommends and he recommended I order the universe meal. Sausages. I later realised he didn‘t know what we were going to expect. He told me to imagine what eating the universe will be like and so I did. I imagined eating A LOT. So I was disappointed when it was just a plate of sausages. It’s funny because you would question, why would this dish be called universe. So we asked the owner and he had a really hard time explaining. So i gathered that he said, don’t you think it looks like an octopus? Which it did. So…I’m not too sure if this is a reference to, the world is your oyster? 


There is actually words written on this thing And it says うちゅう (宇宙)… 

Anyway, the owner of this place loves Singapore. So cute he was in Singapore for a tour when he decided to venture on his own and abandon the tour. He met a Malaysian outside his hotel who invited him back to his home in Malaysia. And so he went with that friend on foot, to find himself denied at the customs, and so he gave up and went back. Difficult to comprehend this when he was saying it in jap hahah funny story. 


7 thoughts on “Day 10 定山渓温泉

  1. Reading your 10/10 blog post, already feel like soaking in one of those onsens. Those eggs….. just look out of this world.


    1. Hahaha actually I guess it’s the same as having soft boiled eggs la huh. But cooking it with natural hot spring water is awesome and slurping it from its shell while doing foot bath is damn shiok lol


  2. “Oh look, that’s Penny’s blog. Let me take a look at it”
    *6 minutes later
    “Alright, I’ve gotta go there RIGHT NOW”


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