Day 9 札幌

おはいよございます!!! Today I figured out how to make curry rice for breakfast. Somehow reminds me of briyani. 

After cycling past this bakery 4 times, I decided to buy bread even though I had such a heavy brunch. Hello my friend of the day!


Got to the bakery to see how the gardeners hard at work. This park really has a lot of flowers.


I’m not sure if you can see but there are bubbles!! Love it when they spray bubbles, it adds magic to the place. This really has the vibe of willy wonka.  

And here is my I-was-here picture. Did the factory tour for 600 円. Not sure if it’s worth it but anyway it’s just 7 dollars right… I’m damn restless today so I’m like, okay let’s just go do something. I guess it’s because I couldn’t decide between Onsen and Shiroi Kobito. #travelwoes


I thought the stained glass was quite pretty. This place reminds me of the the Chateaux in Versailles… But it’s not the same. It just gives me a similar feeling. 


Decided to keep myself hydrated today.  

 I think this is really the most exciting part of the tour – the production line. Their biscuits are like macaroons actually, it sandwiches the white chocolate and it breakups easily. Okayyy I’m sure many of you have tried this biscuit and so I’m not buying it back. It will break by the time it gets home.

The tour also included other things like, how chocolate is made from cacao beans and how chocolate is made. And how they out the biscuits through extreme temperatures to make it so crispy. And showcase of gramophones and toy boxes and all. 


So I decided to make my host a cookie to thank her for hosting me and all. I wanted to sign up for the cooking making class but it was sold out. I guess it’s because I hesitated and then I told them I will decide after the tour. So when I finally decided to go for it, it was sold out for the day. Ok guys, so decide on these little things before going in ok. Anyway, message writing works!! And yes, I didn’t bake anything. 😩😩 

My neighbour was quite good at it! Her design look so cute. She was almost done when I decided to talk to her and so,  we didn’t become friends. 
Compared to mine……  I guess the second one is an improvement. 


Then I just decided to spend the day doing my admin and planning for the rest of the trip. I guess today is my first alone day. It’s like, dating myself. Feels good just doing whatever you want. 😊


Hahah yea… I was quite bored and an pan man is not very photogenic. I love anpan ever since I had what-I-think is the best an pan ever in Seoul. Japanese anpan is different, I realised. Anyway, anpan man’s enemy is bacteria man and his best friends are melon pan and cream bun. I find it so amusing. This guy taste like chocolate, I was confused. 


Spot a head!  


Then my phone died and I spent the rest of my night shopping at Seiyu and eating bread samples. And wondering if I should buy a hat, which I didn’t. 

Simple dinner today to balance out the expenses. I know it doesn’t look fantastic but I’m quite happy with it because it’s damn yummy with mayonnaise or okonomi sauce. I think I can eat anything with those two sauces. 

Yep, mundane day today! Shall get to planning which onsen to go tomorrow. Tomorrow is Children’s day and I’m excited to see the 🎏🎏🎏 flying socks around Japan! That’s what they said online. 

Just done with laundry! Shall go hang the stuff up, bye!

5 thoughts on “Day 9 札幌

  1. Finish reading all your comment. Feeling good. Going to sleep. As tmr I flying to Viet. Take care beloved daughter.


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